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Developer: Nintendo Software Technology (NST)
Publisher: Nintendo
Genre: First Person
Players: Up to 4 players
Release Date: Q4 2005
Written by: Fairieprincessco

Metroid Prime: Hunters was initially given to us as only a demo with the release of the Nintendo DS. At that time, the plot and where Metroid Prime: Hunters belonged in the Metroid timeline was unknown. It's about time that information was revealed -- and it has been! Metroid Prime: Hunters will occur between Metroid Prime and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. As for the plot, Metroid Prime: Hunters is something new to the Metroid franchise. Several bounty hunters will be on the search for an "ultimate power", told to be in the Alimbic Cluster. Surprisingly enough, the Galactic Federation knows about this "ultimate power", and has called on Samus Aran for help in order to find it.

One of the most surprising things in Metroid Prime: Hunters is that Samus is not alone in this mission! This is a big change from other Metroid titles, since we are so used to having Samus being alone on one big planet giving a feeling of isolation. However, this may be something many fans of the Metroid series want to experience. Being able to hunt with other six other bounty hunters will definitely change the "feel" and the standard gameplay of Metroid, but that doesn't mean that's a bad thing. After all, Metroid Fusion (Gameboy Advance) also changed the standard Metroid gameplay by having a more linear approach for the game. Even though some Metroid fans still complained about the linearity of Metroid Fusion, overall it was still a great game. The plot twists and fun gameplay Metroid Fusion contained compensated for the linear gameplay, making Metroid Fusion a success. The fact that Metroid Prime: Hunters will involve other bounty hunters trying to find an "ultimate power", it seems like Metroid Prime: Hunters will be more of a race to the finish line, or more like a race to solve a mission, in this case.

Up close and personal...

Since there will be seven bounty hunters total in Metroid Prime: Hunters, each bounty hunter will have their own strength and weaknesses. It's not known about all the bounty hunters of what these strengths and weaknesses are, since there has been such detail released on only four of those bounty hunters. One of those bounty hunters being Samus Aran, and the other three being Noxus, Spire and Kanden.

There's nothing too entirely new about Samus. Many of Samus's moves, such as morph ball, morph ball bombs and boost ball make an appearance. It is her mission from the Galactic Federation to get that "ultimate power" first.

Samus's morph ball is still effective!

Noxus has become a bounty hunter to administer justice to the galaxy's criminals and will make sure he will get to the "ultimate power" first, to make sure it does not fall into the hands of the unworthy.

Noxus -- Looks like you shouldn't get too close to his hands!

Spire is composed of organic rock, and his life as a bounty hunter takes him all over the galaxy while he continually searches for any signs of any of his people. As soon as he hears about the "ultimate power", he is determined to find it in order to solve the mystery of his lost race.

Spire -- He seems to be smiling, but yet he doesn't look very happy...

Kanden is a lab experiment that has gone wrong. He was built to be the ultimate soldier, immortal and invincible. Kanden broke out of the lab, and those who caused his neurological alterations and surgical enhancements were not left alive. Kanden will be in the race to find the "ultimate power" as his chance to prove himself that is the best bounty hunter of them all.

This guy looks like he's ready to destroy anyone in his way!

As you can see, these bounty hunters aren't necessarily bad guys. They each have their own reason of why they want to get the "ultimate power" and none of them seem to be to harness it for evil. However, these bounty hunters will become your enemies, since it must be you who gets the "ultimate power" first! Normally, this would be Samus Aran. However, in Metroid Prime: Hunters players will be allowed to select a different bounty hunter to be. For example, you can choose to be Samus Aran, or you can choose to play as Noxus, Spire or Kanden! Most likely, you'll be able to play as the other three bounty hunters, but details on those bounty hunters have yet to be released.

Metroid Prime: Hunters is going to be well-known for its multiplayer gameplay. It seems like you will be duking it out and having death matches as you race for this "ultimate power." Although, the real disappointment with Metroid Prime: Hunters is the lack of Wi-Fi capabilities. Metroid Prime: Hunters seems to be the best multiplayer game that is going to appear on the Nintendo DS and yet it is the one that isn't going to have Wi-Fi capabilities. This means for those don't have friends with Nintendo DS's will most likely have to rely on the single player adventure that Metroid Prime: Hunters has to offer. While the features of the single player adventure is still unknown, my guess is that it will be comprised of bot-matches and timed challenges. While that may be a disappointment, it's clear that the multiplayer mode in Metroid Prime: Hunters will be its strong point. It's just really said to see that no Wi-Fi will be available with this title.

Samus shoots her target, but it looks like no lock-on capability!

The gameplay of Metroid Prime: Hunters seems to more along the lines of a First Person Shooter. The touch-screen will be used for aiming, with the R or L trigger buttons will be used to shoot. Tapping the touch-screen will enable Samus's morph ball form, as well as laying bombs or even using her boost ball. Samus will also be able to use missiles which will be set at a capacity of 10 when you first start a game. You'll be able to collect items throughout the mission that will replenish your missile count, and energy as well. However, energy will be capped at 200 this time around. The touch-screen will also act as a map, letting you see somewhat of a layout of the area you are traveling in. The controls of Metroid Prime: Hunters definitely seem like they will be easy to use, which is always a good thing.

Looks like Samus isn't the only one with powerful weapons this time around...

Even with the lack of Wi-Fi, Metroid Prime: Hunters still is coming to be a very enjoyable game. It also seems like a great attempt as a DS First Person Shooter. Metroid Prime: Hunters will not play like other Metroid titles, but it's a good idea to change some events every now and then. If in every Metroid game we had Samus go pick up her power-ups and go explore... it's possible that Metroid could get stale quick. By switching up the gameplay, you never know what to expect in Metroid games. It becomes a mystery -- something Metroid is well-known for. The reason why Super Metroid (Super Nintendo) and Metroid Prime (Gamecube) tend to be Metroid favorites is because they changed the series in some way. This same technique may be used to get Nintendo DS owners into the Metroid franchise, creating even more Metroid fans!

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