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Published by: Konami
Developed by: Konami Studios
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Players: 1-4
Release Date: July 6, 2005
Rated: T (Teen)
Written by: Matthew Prunty

One of the most talked about First Person Shooters has been showcased at several gaming events has been on the minds of gamers ever since E3 2004 when Konami showcased video footage of the upcoming title. Ever since E3 2004, there has been several variants to what the game will actually be consisted of, but thanks to this year’s E3 2005 expo, new light has been shined on what gamers around the world can expect from Konami’s and the PSP’s first FPS title. For those who think they know all there is to know about FPS titles, have another thing coming with Konami’s entry for the Sony PSP.

When you think of the story, The Matrix comes to mind, which is the case with this title. Basically Coded Arms takes place within a cyber universe, and you are hi-tech thieves attempting to hack into governmental documents in order to make quick buck. The major problem you stumble across is that the cyber world is ran ramped with “renegade monster-like programs” that you must destroy before they destroy you. How this relates to The Matrix is that if you die while hacked into the cyber world, you die in real life. So for those who thought no one can improve on this idea, wait until you get your hands on this title. Wetting your pants isn’t an option; it will eventually happen…LOL.

Back up sucka!!

This title will be added to the enormous list of FPS titles that American gamers have engaged in throughout the years, something that Japanese gamers weren’t getting that much of, unless they imported some of their titles. So for them, this is a definite change, seeing how Konami (Japanese company) is developing this action-based title. But unlike the current titles that are on the market, this one aims to push the PSP to its limits in every aspect, including the multiplayer feature.

Pretty much Coded Arms gives you almost every weapon you can think of to destroy your enemies. From assault rifles, to sniper rifles, to pulse weapons, and even rocket launchers, you will never run out of interesting ways to disfigure and vanquish your enemies. For those who think that this will just be a simple creation for Konami, you are dead wrong. They put a lot of time and work in the landscaping of this title to ensure that you get a unique experience on the grand scale. And when you see these worlds, you wonder how did Konami conceive such detail and exploration in such little space on the UMD disc. But if you want to see a good way of Japanese developers taking weapons one step further, imagine this… When you shoot a nearby wall, you see a glowing residue spreading on the wall in a “cool” electric pattern.

Now that's detail...

Seeing that everyone doesn’t use the same control scheme, Konami made sure that if they don’t like the default settings [which are the most comfortable], they could customize the controls to their liking. How the default controls work is that you control your character’s movement via the analog nub, while the face buttons are used to control the direction in which your character looks. It sounds rather complicated, but trust me, once you get a taste of it, you will find it rather simple to get adjusted to.

Now lets talk about the multiplayer aspects. Konami is providing a random map generator feature to this title, which will make the endless battles with friends and strangers unique everytime. It’s up to you; you can design an enormous battlefield, or confine everything to tight quarters; so no one has a chance to run away. Not only that, but all the weapons you come across in the single-player mode, can be brought over into the multiplayer experience. So while you could have someone shooting at you with his or her assault rifle, you can whip out your rocket launcher, and blast his or her body to pieces. But like any traditional multiplayer experience, the basics will be include like Capture the Flag, Keep the Mark, Deathmatch, and Last Man Standing.

I don't like spiders!!

At this point, it is safe to say that Konami’s Coded Arms could very well be the best gaming experience on the PSP to date [next to Wipeout Pure and Untold Legends]. With little to no loading times, to the immerse worlds, Konami wants to keep all the attention on them, and with a title like this, people will be talking about this title for some time to come.

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