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Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Fuse Games
Genre: Pinball
Release Date: Q4 2005
Written by: Fairieprincessco

Metroid Prime Pinball is a future Nintendo DS title that hasn't been getting too much praise. This is because fans are used to Metroid being a sci-fi adventure, not something at all similar to an arcade game. Also, Metroid is very well-known for having a deep storyline. With Samus Aran entering the pinball world, many fans fear that this element will be lost. After all, there's not much story that goes into a pinball game, if any at all.

Last November, we were given Mario Pinball Land on the Gameboy Advance. This game turned out to be a "flop" in some people's eyes as people complained that it made no sense for Mario to be in ball form. However, since Samus Aran can go into morph ball form... at least it makes a little more sense for her to be in a pinball game. Well as it turns out, Metroid Prime Pinball is being developed by Fuse Games which is the same company that developed Mario Pinball Land. To some, this already gives off a bad sign of what Metroid Prime Pinball is going to be.

Obviously, Samus will be in morph ball mode during most of the game. Activating left and right flippers as Samus rolls on them will cause Samus to bounce off all sorts of objects found on the pinball table. Since this game is a Prime title, it's no surprise that elements from the Metroid Prime series will be seen in Metroid Prime Pinball. From the videos released of this game, it seems as if Samus has somewhat of a mission during the game. Samus can collect artifacts on the pinball table, although it's unknown what they are really for. As pinball fans may already know, a common event that happens is something called multiball. It just as it sounds; more than one ball appears on the pinball table. For as long as you can prevent them from falling between the gap of the two flippers, the extra balls are there for you to keep gaining more and more points. Metroid Prime Pinball uses the idea of multiball, but it has a 'Prime' touch to it. Multiball seems to be activated by Phazon -- a hint of this is given by the bright blue streaks seen on the extra balls.

This place seems to be infused by Phazon...

What is really making Metroid Prime Pinball stand out is that Samus doesn't have to be in morph ball the entire time. It seems as if when the player completes a certain kind of event on the pinball table, Samus can be trapped in a circular area near the flippers. When Samus is trapped in this area, she can transform into the standing bounty hunter players know her as. By the press of a button, Samus will then fire at enemies and other objects on the pinball table. There are times when a swarm of bugs, that seem to resemble War Wasps from the Metroid Prime series, attack Samus and this is where that transformation really comes in handy! This could possibly be the best feature of all in Metroid Prime Pinball.

Samus Aran transforms to her normal self to handle swarms of enemies.

Many other familiar enemies, such as Metroids and Space Pirates, will make an appearance in Metroid Prime Pinball. As Samus is rolling around, Metroids will try to swoop down and latch onto Samus’s morph ball to make players lose a life, or a ball in this case. By hitting Samus with the flippers, you can send Samus rolling with force into the enemies to defeat them. Samus will also be able to lay bombs and collect other power-ups, such as missiles, to stand more of a chance against enemies.

Got to love those Metroids!

The graphics of Metroid Prime Pinball aren't something to ignore. The pinball tables are very detailed giving off a crisp and clean futuristic look. Though many fans won’t see this title as their dream game, it is showing some promise within the scope of the Metroid Prime series.

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