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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published By: Beatshapers
Developed By: Beatshapers / Nurium Games
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Release Date: March 18, 2010
Screenshots: Link
Price: $3.99
Written By: Marcus Prunty

April 16, 2010 - Brick Breaker who? The future is now and that future is BreakQuest. BreakQuest; a port of an older game by Nurium games for the PC, is a PSP/PSPgo title developed by Beatshapers. The great thing about this game is that even though it is designed for on the go action, it can be played on the PS3 console for that full ‘big screen’ effect.

BreakQuest offers up two different gameplay modes; Arcade and Quest Mode, to choose from. In Arcade Mode, you will play through random levels with the sole purpose of the completing said level as quickly as possible. Within Quest Mode, you will be tasked with completing all the levels within a certain order. I think this game is better than Brick Breaker and many of the other similar titles that require you to smack a ball into a wall of blocks until the screen is clear. BreakQuest differs in that the 100 levels are ingeniously designed and pretty complex for a minis title. The fact that the game is in 2D harkens back to old-school gaming and surprising looks pretty good, whether playing it on your PSP or PS3 console.

BreakQuest employs several power-ups and power-downs, which keeps the action on the screen unique and ever-changing. The changing of the bumper adds a unique effect. You can even have the bumper removed to the point where you have to use the vehicle that moves the bumper to hit the ball. In addition, you can change the shape of the balls, as well as make the ball drunk, which takes away your ability to predict where the ball is going to go. There are also mines that you can get and shoot out when the ball hits your bumper that will blow up a spot when it stops.

Have you ever wanted to manipulate gravity in some way shape or form, well it’s now possible in BreakQuest. The Gravitator allows you to pull the ball back down towards the bottom of the screen, which certainly can come in handy when the on-screen action is getting a little too intense. However, one must keep in mind by using the Gravitator, you are pulling the ball ever more closer to your bumper and ship, which can prove to be costly if not utilized correctly. In addition, do not worry if you use this feature and you miss the ball because there is always a reserve ball on your ship as long as you have lives left. You can even manually launch this ball and create a multiple ball effect.

The visuals for the game were streamlined meaning some levels were modified from the PC version to fit the PSP widescreen display and make the game playable. Therefore, the visuals are not as awesome as in the PC version. Considering the title has 100 levels, you would expect several of them to repeat, which is far from the truth. Beatshapers made sure that each level had its own unique vibe and look. The audio changes for every level you play and all levels are unique and individual to that specific level.

BreakQuest is a PC game that was ported over to the PSP and the PS3 through the minis program. Whether you play it on your PSP or PS3, you will can expect the same presentation value despite the screen size. Its unique looking levels and sound design engross you in the game, and the many power-ups keep you on your toes when the balls are flying. Give this game a chance and you will find yourself not being able to stop playing.


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Gaming Evolution
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