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Published By: Neko Entertainment
Developed By: Neko Entertainment
Genre: Productivity
Players: 1
Rated: E (Everyone)
Release Date: February 22, 2010
Screenshots: Link
Price: 200 Points
Written By: Matthew Prunty

April 6, 2010 - Ever since Nintendo launched downloadable applications and video games for the Nintendo DSi under the banner of DSiWare, Nintendo and countless third-party developers have been coming up with different ways for users to interact with their handheld devices. Case in point, Neko Entertainments newest application for the Nintendo DSi/DSi XL handheld which allows you to customize photos taken with the onboard cameras. The software application is called Faceez and it only sets you back 200 points.

The first thing that struck me as unique to Faceez was the fact that it takes steps to show you how to take the best photo possible. While your DSi and Faceez won’t replace your digital camera, this application makes strides in photography which actually transfers over actual digital cameras and camcorders. There is an on-screen guide which helps you line up your shot, while also giving you helpful tips on proper lighting, backgrounds and grooming. While this might not be a big deal to some, taking the time out to provide helpful incite on using the application properly will help the consumer enjoy the product more and help would be photographers in the making learn how to use their first camera correctly.

Once you have taken your photo, the headshot is placed on a stick-figure body (a “Faceez”) and it’s now ready for manipulation and animation. This is done through three different tabs --Mix, Disguise and Animate-- all controllable via the bottom screen. With the ‘Mix’ tab, you are able to take a feature from another photo and overlay it with the same feature on your personal Faceez. So if you want to have Will Smith’s chin or Angelina Jolie’s lips, now it’s possible with Faceez. There is even a feature to help blend the differences in color between your skin and the skin of another, which is a definite plus. The feature isn’t perfect, but then again it’s not meant to be. With the ‘Disguise’ tab, you can place various disguises on your Faceez to make them stand out more. Do you want to look like a clown? A kitty-kat? A pirate? These are a just a few of the different disguises that are available within the application. The last tab, ‘Animate’, is where you can place different animated expressions on your Faceez, showcasing its stick-figure body in different poses. Always wanted to perform a backflip, but was too scared to try… well your Faceez can do it for you.

Once you have finished stylizing your Faceez, simply hit the check mark in the lower right-hand corner in order to return to the control panel. Once back at the control panel, you have several options to choose from including saving your Faceez, randomizing the look of your Faceez or taking a screenshot. With the Screenshot option, you are able to slap a generic or unique background to your Faceez. You can use a photo you already taken beforehand or simply take a new background photo right now and apply it as the background for your Faceez. Once the background is in place, you have the ability to take snapshots of your Faceez in the wild doing its thing. And for those who what to put multiple Faceez within one snapshot, you will have to add them one at a time using the same screenshot process highlight earlier. Can be tedious with four or five Faceez’ within one screenshots, however the reward is well worth it.

While Faceez seems like the perfect social app for a video game handheld, that’s far from the truth. You are given the option of uploading your creations to Facebook, however the steps it take to do so are one too many. For one, you must leave the application and use the DSi Camera app. You also lack the ability to send Faceez screenshots to friends who also have the application. Faceez is a fun application to play around with and make funny picture of yourself and your friends. For those who don’t have many friends or simply stay indoors to play video games all day will not find this application that useful or enjoyable as others. Either way, for 200 points, you can’t beat the deal.


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