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Published By: Capcom
Developed By: Clover Studio
Genre: Action-Platformer
Release Date: October 3, 2005
Written by: Fairieprincessco

Viewtiful Joe was released for Gamecube in 2003 and was an instant hit. It won Game of the Year and got rave reviews. With a stunning blend of 2D graphics and 3D backgrounds and amazing game play, it was no wonder the game got such a great fan base right away. Well, Joe is going to be busy in the coming months with all the games planned for him on various systems. One in particular that seems interesting is the new Nintendo DS Viewtiful Joe title. With a return of a lot of features fans love, and a lot of new elements to keep it original, this title will be a hit when it launches October 3, 2005.

Many gamers hold Capcom in high regard, especially with the release of Resident Evil 4. They have release a wide variety of great third party titles such as the Megaman series, Viewtiful Joe, Resident Evil, and Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Capcom has some great games planned, especially in the Viewtiful Joe series. The one that caught my eye is Viewtiful Joe DS, the first time the Viewtiful Joe franchise has hit a handheld. This title looks to utilize a lot of the DS's unique features in an interesting new way.

The graphics of Viewtiful Joe have always has a unique twist to them. Two dimensional cell shading combined with 3D elements created a stunning visual display. The 3D graphics engine that will be used spans both the top and bottom screen with the images. In many cases the one screen shows a close up view of the scene while the other screen shows a more zoomed out view. This style of the game fits in well with the look of the previous Viewtiful Joe titles' comic book style.

Viewtiful Joe DS features everyone's favorite superhero!

The DS version of Viewtiful Joe uses most of the attacks from the Gamecube versions. Simple attacks such as kick, punch, and jump are still able to be used with the touch of a button. Dodging can still be done by either ducking or jumping out of the way of an enemy's attack. Many other elements such as collecting V-coins and the basic game play.

Viewtiful Joe DS still uses basic attacks such as kicking and punching, but the VFX attacks are all new

However, the VFX abilities have been completely revamped to use the DS's features. Viewtiful Joe DS gets two new VFX abilities which would be impossible without the DS's touch screen. As was mentioned before, one screen features a close up view of the action while the other shows a zoomed out view. One power involves flipping the screens so the zoomed in action is on the bottom screen. The stylus (or your finger) can be used to attack enemies by poking them. Other uses for the touch screen in this zoomed in view is to interact with the environment. In one occasion there is a coin operated machine which can be used by turning a crank. With the action zoomed in on the bottom screen the machine can easily be activated with the touch of the screen. Items that are located up high on top of pillars can easily be reached by "shaking" the pillar. The screen can be split in half horizontally in order to complete various tasks. A stylus or finger can be used to slash the screen sideways and then the upper portion can be dragged to a different position. This can be beneficial in a situation if there is a fire on one side of the room and a sprinkler at the other side. The screen can be split and the sprinkler can be dragged and place d in a position above the fire, thus putting out the fire and allowing the player to advance in the game. Once the task is complete the screen can return back to normal.

Viewtiful Joe DS features the same image on both screens, one zoomed in view and one far away view

Viewtiful Joe DS definitely looks to be a great addition to the Viewtiful Joe series. The original use of the touch screen makes this game perfectly suited for the Nintendo DS. This title is interesting because it will be easier to use your finger instead of a stylus. Due to the fact that most of the game is played with the D-pad and all of the buttons, it is much more convenient to use your finger. I am not sure how I feel about the use of my finger instead of a stylus, but this game looks extremely slick. I am definitely looking forward to getting my hands on this title.

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