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Published By: SlitFish Gameware
Developed By: SplitFish Gameware
Platforms: PS3/PC
Release Date: January 11, 2010
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

March 22, 2010 - When it comes to making unique controllers, no one does it better than SplitFish. SplitFish Gameware, Inc. has been designing accessories in the video game industry for several years, for platforms which include the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, and PC. Always striving to be ahead of the curve, the hardware manufacturer has designed and released the SplitFish Dual SFX Evolution controller, which is compatible with the PlayStation 3 and PC platforms. This controller utilizes unique technologies which allow it to work with virtually any type of video game currently released for the PS3 console, while also allowing the user to tailor the controller to how they like to play videogames.

The Dual SFX Evolution controller is the most robust controller to ever be released, let alone released for the PS3 console. The controller takes the strengths of several different controllers and integrated them into one, easy to use device. Instead of going with a singular controller design, the Dual SFX Evolution controller features two controllers --EvoChuck and FragChuck-- which work in unison with one another. While the Sixaxis/DualShock 3 controllers for the PS3 console utilize Bluetooth technologies to sync with the console, the Dual SFX Evolution controller works via a UDB dongle that operates off of a 2.4GHz frequency and has a range up to 3.5 meters. While the Bluetooth technologies built into the standard PS3 controllers are more reliable, there werenít any problems utilizing the Dual SFX Evolution controller within the XMB or in-game.

The Dual SFX Evolution controller requires three AAA batteries within both the EvoChuck and FragChuck controllers. Youíre given the option of either user regular AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries. A nifty feature included within the controller is that if you use rechargeable batteries, the controller can recharge said batteries when you plug the controller into the computer and/or PS3 console via a mini-USB cable (sold separately). To help conserve the battery life within the controllers, they are designed to go into standby if no buttons are pressed within a 15 minute window. If before or after 15 minutes you decide you are not going to continue your gaming, you can hit the On/Off switch on both the FragChuck and EvoChuck. While all these features are very enticing, the real reason why anyone would want the Dual SFX Evolution controller is because itís the only controller construct that has a Swap Mode.

With Swap Mode, you are able to switch the controlling function of the left and right analog sticks. By holding down the LF button and the Start/Swap button for about two seconds, you can switch out the two analog sticks, which will allow certain genres like racing games to be more accessible for Southpaw players. Another promising feature within the Dual SFX Evolution controller is the pMo Mode (Programmed Motion Override). This mode takes the normal option of enabling, adjusting or turning off the motion sensoring within both of the EvoChuck and FragChuck to another level. You can now program any of the buttons on the controllers to work with motion. To give you an example of this feature, let us talk about some FIFA soccer. Normally when playing the game, you would use circle to shoot and score. With the pMo Mode activated on the circle button, it will now work in unison with the motion strokes you perform with the FragChuck (and the EvoChuck) in order to shoot and score. Think of it as being able to control how hard you kick the ball in order to make the winning shot.

I could go on and on about this all-in-one controller, which also allows you to set FPS Rapid Fire settings for specific buttons, saving your thumbs from rapid button presses. The Dual SFX Evolution controllers are also firmware upgradeable, which will come in handy should the developer decide to incorporate any new features and/or fine tune some of the features already included within the controller set. As of writing this article there are no updates available for the controller, and considering its effectiveness, both via the PS3 and PC platforms, I donít see any need for any updates to the controller. When using the controllers with a PC, the motion capabilities built within them are disabled as no current PC games utilize said feature.

The look and feel of the Dual SFX Evolution controllers are very solid. When holding the controllers, they feel if they were made of quality materials and wonít simply breakdown after being used over time. At first sight, the controllers can seem a bit overwhelming with all the buttons built onto the two wireless controllers; however whatís good about the design of the controllers is that none of the buttons get in the way of your normal game playing. The trademark PS button is also built into the controller, allowing you to access the XMB on the PS3 console while in game or to simply turn off the console.

The Dual SFX Evolution Controller will set you back $89.99 if you are up for having a quality all-in-one controller that goes far beyond what traditional PS3 control pads do. With solid and interesting features like Swap and pMo Mode, this is by far the best controller SplitFish has released for use with the PlayStation 3 and PC platforms. There really isnít anything negative to say about the controller beyond its price point, however after spending some time with the controllers, I have to say they are well worth the price.


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