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Published By: NIS America
Developed By: Hit Maker
Genre: RPG
Players: 1
Rated: T (Teen)
Release Date: February 23, 2010
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

March 11, 2010 - The PlayStation 2 and Nippon Ichi Software have provided countless memories over the 10 years that Sonyís console has been on the market. During that time, several new series were born, which included the likes of Ar Tonelico, Atelier Iris, Mana Khemia and Disgaea series. However, now that developers are switching their focus from the PlayStation 2 to the PlayStation 3, a new generation of titles is set to be born. And the first one on the list is Last Rebellion, an action-filled RPG developed by the developer Hit Maker. Just like all previous NIS titles, Last Rebellion features traditional RPG mechanics, while also introducing a unique gameplay mechanics which helps the title to stand out. Though a lot was to be expected from Hit Makerís first console title on the PS3, sadly this game has one too many issues to keep it from being a successful first outing.

The story within Last Rebellion revolves around two central characters: Nine and Aisha, a Blade and Sealer. Nine and Aisha set out to track down Alfred, the brother of Nine who killed their father and King. Seems like your run of the mill stories, however there is an interesting twist. Right before fleeing the scene, Alfred utilized some dark powers to resurrect their father long enough to have him kill Nine. Luckily for Nine, Aisha was quick on her feet and was able to bind Nineís soul to her body, allowing him to live on. Once this is done, they both set off to find Alfred and the people responsible for all this death and destruction going on in the world.

From the get go you notice several issues with this title; one of which being the visuals. You can clearly see that this game was not developed specifically for the PS3 console. Judging by the poor textures and lack of depth and details within the surrounding landscapes, this game could have easily been a PS2, maybe PSP title. Not to say it looks horrible, but this game clearly isnít pushing the PS3 console to its limits, let alone halfway. I know itís the first time that developer Hit Maker has worked with the platform; however the overall quality simply isnít there or shows signs of being a proper PS3 title. When it comes to the cutscenes, expect the same static images being display with the text boxes below. I do have to say this is a pleasant sight to see. He character and monster designs are well detailed and brought to life with nice assortment of colors. However, the lack of any movement let alone several different static images for each character, alternating like in Ar Tonelico 2: Melody of MetaFalica is just saddening.

The audio work is rather solid for the most part, though the voiceover work is a little iffy. Whether itís the dialog or the way the characters will change personalities throughout the game, you canít seem to connect on a personal level with the main characters within the game. Thatís the one area than can make or break a game because if there is no connection, most people wonít continue to play the game beyond a certain point. In regards to the musical score, you can expect lots of pulsating beats and rhythms what change or become more intense and the battles intensify on the battlefield. I canít say itís the best soundtrack Iíve heard, however it does indeed fit the atmosphere of this title.

While the visuals and audio could have been improved, the combat system utilized by Last Rebellion is very solid, something of great interest. The combat system is broken down into three different parts --physical attacks, magical attacks and sealing-- all of which are essential to a successful battle. When you enter a battle, you are given anywhere from six to ten different body parts of which you can attack. There are defense gage bars that tell you how strong the enemy is with a particular body part. There is no required order in which to attack the various body parts, and for every body part you set to attack, one CP (chain point) is required. While there is no required order to strike the body parts, there is indeed a correct order in order to inflict the most damage on your enemy and have the stamp last longer. After Nine and Aisha have dealt their physical attacks, the enemy gets their turn to attack you.

If you didnít defeat your enemies on your first turn, you can now utilize magic attacks, which work hand-and-hand with the stamping of your enemies. When a body part has become stamped, itís now vulnerable to magic attacks, which cost MP (magic points). When magic attacks are used, every body part that was stamped will take damage from the magic attack. The interesting part about the CP and MP is that for each enemy that is on screen that you attack with a magic attack, it only cost 1 CP and a little MP and the attack does roughly the equivalent of 10-20CP worth of attacks, depending on level of magic used in the attack. When the right amount of physical and magical attacks have rendered your enemies on their death beads, itís time to seal them away for good.

Since the world is not balanced, the downed enemies can be revived with full health if you donít act quickly enough to seal them away. Both Nine and Aisha have an ability that allows them to reap the rewards of a fallen enemy. Nine can use Absorb, which will allow them to gain MP back from the fallen enemies. Aisha can cast Seal, which will seal away the enemies for good, regaining some HP (health points) in the process. Both abilities are really important in later battles as there is isnít enough time to re-cooperate in between battles, however there is one flaw to Nineís special attack. When Absorb is cast, it allows the fallen enemies to recover quicker. So if you are not lucky enough to cast Seal right after casting Absorb, you could be facing the once defeated enemies again with full health.

Within your first couple of battles, you will be able to fully test out the combat system and understands its ins and outs before you ever have to go up against some devastating individuals. While post people will only tamper with the system I mentioned above, there are support spells and rage points which can diversify the action on the battlefield, while also keeping you alive a lot longer when facing tougher individuals. As you progress further and further into the story of the game, your HP, CP and MP will greatly increase, allowing you to pull of deadlier attacks, which also gaining back greater amounts of points through the use of Absorb and Seal. There is a since of individualism within Last Rebellion in the sense that the special abilities that are assigned to each character by default can be swapped, in a way creating your very own personalized Nine and Aisha.

Depending on how determined you are, Lat Rebellion can take you anywhere from 30-45 hours to complete. Though the one too many hang-ups kept this title from truly standing out with the likes of Final Fantasy XIII and White Knight Chronicles being out on the market, Last Rebellion can be an enjoyable experience for those will look to past its outward appearance. I can only recommend this title for those who just canít get enough of Nippon Ichi Software titles as this game truly only appeal to them.


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