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Gaming Evolution
Published By: Machine Studios
Developed By: Unconditional Studios
Genre: Puzzle
Players: 1-2
Rated: E (Everyone)
Release Date: January 25, 2010
Screenshots: Link
Price: 800 Wii Points
Written By: Liza P.

February 23, 2010 - Just another day filled with boredom, not knowing what you want to do changing games every other minuteÖ You pop in Tetris, solitaire, minesweeper, all games you have played mastered many times. The drag of just another ordinary day slipping by, well fear not, now there is Bittos+, a twist to the classic Tetris. With a style all its own, the creators of Bittos+ took an old, ordinary puzzle game and with some modification and innovations, made it their own.

The object of Bittos+ is to form 2x2, 2x3, or 3x3 squares, create combos by building off of your other squares before they disappear, the longer your combo lasts the faster you build points. But, watch out because the stragglers that you didnít use form into stubborn red blocks. If you leave one red block around for too long it starts spreading like wild fire on a hot summer day and the farther you are in the puzzle the faster it multiplies. The first four levels (on regular mode) are a breeze since itís fairly easy to get rid of the red blocks, but the moment level five kicks in the multiplier doubles on how fast the red blocks multiply, and before you know it utter chaos emerges. You get rid of red blocks by making squares near it, when the square pops it forms an AOE (area of effect) the blows up the stubborn red one(s). If you wanted to start with the chaos instead of slowly getting into it then you can go straight to ďwiredĒ mode where itís like you are starting on level five of regular mode.

The game has three different modes, adventure, time attack and survival. Adventure mode is where you take the game head on; this is what allows you to unlock time attack and survival. If you get overwhelmed by the red stubborn blocks and lose you can always start up where you left off since this mode saves what round you were on (though like most puzzle games your score is set back to zero). Time attack is where you choose a time and see how many points you can rack up before times up. Survival mode is where you play through the game but instead of only existing red blocks multiplying every few seconds your entire parameter becomes a red stubborn block that keeps stacking and pushing inward. You better think fast or else your game will slowly consume you.

The game comes with eight different save files for you and your friends or family. Your own save file keeps track of your scores so you can consistently try to improve your Bittos+ technique. There is a way so you can view other save fileís high scores and achievements but there is no collective option to see all at the same time. There are no leader boards so you canít see how your score compares with other players around the world. So, yay! I can beat my own old score, but how did I do against my bro? The game also lacks a multiplayer mode, so there is no fun competing with friends.

The creators of Bitos+ have made a great new puzzle game, but the problem is they havenít fully utilized the technology of the current generation. With no multiplayer modes or online leader boards it looks like you are playing by yourself for yourself.


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