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Gaming Evolution
Published By: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed By: Bluepoint Games / SCE Studios Santa Monica
Genre: Compilation
Players: 1
Release Date: November 17, 2009
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

February 11, 2010 - The God of War franchise is one of the most successful in gaming period; let alone for the Sony PlayStation. With the release of God of War 3 for the PS3 next month, revisiting Kratosí epic story seems like a great idea. Sony released God of War Collection back in November 2009, which is a compilation of God of War I and II originally released on the PlayStation 2. While you are sure to find a copy of the original PlayStation 2 titles in your local retailer, Sony decided to upgrade the two classics for release on the PS3 console. Couple this with the fact that the current model PS3 consoles donít support playback of PlayStation 2 games and for those who never bought a PlayStation 2 (everyone should have one) and never experienced what GOW has to offer, itís a no-brainer move for Sony. The game content was transferred over completely; the only difference is that the game is now played in high definition thanks to the work of Bluepoint Studios and Sony Santa Monica.

The gameplay within God of War Collections is unchanged, meaning you will still take part in lots of hack ní slash moments with several distinct puzzle elements. You are still wielding the same weapons and magic spells, all of which are upgradable. Youíll still enjoy hacking and slashing away at Hydras and Minotaurs as Kratos seeks his revenge on the ĎGod of Warí. He also seeks vengeance against Zeus for betraying him in God of War 2. However, those new to the trilogy will be pleased to know I have outlined the storylines of both games without spoiling anything for you.

In God of War I, we meet our hero/villain; depending on your view of the story, Kratos who is a great Spartan warrior enthralled in a losing battle. Right before being defeated himself, Kratos pledges his allegiance to Ares in return for him sparing the lives of him and his men. Hearing those words, Ares steps in and wipes the Spartan foes from the battlefield and gives Kratos the Blades of Chaos. With Ares on his side, Kratos goes on to be the most feared human in the world. But all this power comes at a price and the price was Kratos family. During one battle, Kratos barges into a building and kills everyone inside, including his wife and daughter. Once he realizes what he has done, Kratos vows to seek revenge of Ares. However, before goes off on a rampage, the gods cover Kratosí body with the ashes of his dead family as a reminder of the crimes he committed during his life. He is known from here on out as the ĎGhost of Spartaí, which is what many of the characters call him in the game. I will not say too much more because u will love the rest of the story and really get into the game as you are flinging your Blades of Chaos and killing your foes.

God of War II starts off with the gods fearing the power Kratos is gaining, thus Zeus puts events into motions to strip him of said powers. It seems Zeus denies Kratos new position of power and sets into motion events that ultimately lead to Kratos being stripped of his powers, thus becoming mortal again. These events begin Kratosí hatred towards Zeus and the epic quest he must undertake in order to regain his powers. Kratos sets off to visit the Fates in order to change the pass and regain his powers, however along the way, Kratos his faced with several obstacles put before him to test his worthiness and his determination. Also during his journey to get to Zeus, heíll meet the Titans who use to rule the planet before Zeus took down Cronos; the leader of the Titans. With the help of the Titans, they lead an attack on Mount Olympus to set things right again.

The God of War Collection boast 720p High Definition visuals, which actually make the games look way better than their PS2 releases. While the visual presentation has improved, drawbacks come in the form of the cutscenes and in-game menus. It seems that BluePoint Studios wasnít asked to upgrade the CGI cutscenes that are within the game, nor the look of the in-game menus. While this doesnít break the game in anyway, it takes away from the fact that the games were supposed to be upgrade in entirety to 720p, not simply the gameplay itself. While Iím ok with the developers not upgrading the cutscenes and game menus, it would have been nice to see everything thing in HD.

Besides simply playing these two games again or for the first time, Sony decided to have all bonus content that came with both games to be included on the single Blu-ray disc. The God of War content is access through the in-game main menu. For God of War II, you can access the bonus content from the Video tab on the XMB bar while the disc is inside the system. While this content certainly took me back down memory lane, it was said to see that this content was also not included in the HD push of the collection. At least they still included them for the fans that like me; want to know how they made all the decisions on characters and levels and other concepts within the game.

Whether you are new to the God of War trilogy or an avid fan of the series, the God of War Collection is a must have for any PS3 owner out there looking for a quality gaming experience unlike any other. God of War I and II are two of the best games to ever be made and the rereleasing of these to the PS3 is a welcome joy especially ahead of the release of God of War III. So if you donít happen to own the PS2 titles or u do but they canít be played on the PS3 model you have to buy this collection. Unless of course if you have one of the original 20GB, 60GB or early 80GB PlayStation 3 consoles. It is well worth the price and you will enjoy your walk down memory lane or build a connection to Kratos as he destroys the Greek mythic world and become the God of War.


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