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Published By: Sony Online Entertainment
Developed By: Wanako Studios
Genre: Beat-ĎEm-Up
Players: 1-2
Rated: T (Teen)
Release Date: December 10, 2009
Screenshots: Link
Price: $9.99
Written By: Matthew Prunty

January 4, 2010 - For any gamer who grew up within the 80sí, Revenge of the Wounded Dragons shares a lot in common with that of Double Dragon, while also intertwining new creative gameplay mechanics that make for one interesting adventure for the PS3. It seems that tragedy has befallen your family and itís up to you and your brother in order to right the wrongs. This means finding and saving your kid sister, while also catching the man responsible for your grandfatherís death. Sounds like a tall order for two brother, however thanks to modern technology, the wounded Dragons set out on an epic adventure to right wrongs and do so with great fashion sense.

While many comparisons will be made that of Double Dragon games, you canít help but point out key differences which lend themselves quite well to this modern take on a tale of two brothers. Wanako Studios has implemented several gameplay mechanics into the mix, ranging from platform jumping, several minigames to partake in and a handful of puzzles to solve. Like I mentioned earlier, the two brothers set out to find their little sister and find the guy responsible for the death of their grandfather. If you decide to play the game by yourself, you will tackle the six-chapter Story mode alone, putting you in the thick of the action. Revenge of the Wounded Dragons doesnít feature any online multiplayer, however offering up a local Co-Op mode, where you and a buddy can tackle the game in double dragon fashion.

In between you wondering the street looking for answer and being attacked by crazed bad guys, you will be privy to comic-book like cutscenes giving you a bit more information as to whatís going on as you try to complete your quest. Whether you decide to watch the cutscenes or decide to skip them, it doesnít stop you from enjoying the punishment you are giving to the bad guys who help to kidnap your system and kill your grandfather. When you are on the battle though, you can expect the action and controls to be rather simple, which is actually good for this game. In regards to the controls, every button on the controller has something mapped to it, though you donít need to use all the buttons to get through the game. Youíre able to turn precision punches and kicks into deadly combos simply by alternating between the punch and kick buttons. You are also able to jump, roll and perform backflips in order to reach higher platforms, while also avoiding being hit by your enemies.

While most martial arts students can defend themselves quite well with the use of their hands and feet, these wounded Dragons are out to complete their quest a.s.a.p., and will utilize various items throughout the levels to do so. This includes baseball bats, knives, kendo sticksÖto shotguns and even bags of rice. As you progress through levels, delivering justice to those who get in your way, youíll build your Chi bar; which once full, allows you to activate ďDragon RageĒ and thus deliver even more damage to your opponents at faster speeds. While for the most part, Dragon Rage is not needed, you will come across foes that are bigger and better than their predecessors, which will require techniques like this one and other finishing moves.

While most side-scrollers featured static backdrops back in the 80s and 90s, Revenge of the Wounded Dragons features interactive 3D backdrop, which add a layer of depth to the on-screen action. When you are not amazed by the intense fighting action on screen, or the lush backdrops chalked full of majestic mountains in the far distance, you environment is intertwined into the on-screen action. There are moments within the game where you climb and descend ladders, partake in some interesting puzzles, and even explore hidden areas that arenít visible at first glance. To go along with the nicely polished visuals, is the 70s fuck you get from the in-game soundtrack. At first, I was caught off guard by the musical choice, however once I invested enough time into the game, the music started to seem like a perfect fit, often times having me grove along to the beat while kicking some butt.

When it comes to replay value, itís all up the gamer to decided if there is enough value in playing the game again. Besides playing through the single-player campaign by yourself, you can get a friend to play through the game with you via the offline Co-Op mode within the game. You can also partake in several minigames that you unlock as you progress through the Story mode. When you are talking about a game that only cost $10, I would venture to say that you get a lot content for you low price of the game.

For those looking for a new spin on the classic side-scrolling fighting games of old, Revenge of the Wounded Dragons is a good choice. With simply yet fluid controls, solid visuals and solid gameplay mechanics, itís hard to argue that the game doesnít provide enough for gamers not to be satisfied with the purchase. For those gamers who grew up playing games like Double Dragon, you will feel right at home with this game. For those who are more of the modern generation, itís always good to go back a check out a quality title that blends a little bit of the old with a bit of the new.


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