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Published By: Playlogic
Developed By: Playlogic
Genre: Action
Players: 1-4
Rated: M (Mature)
Release Date: October 27, 2009
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

We have all heard the fairytale stories of Snow White, Jack and the Beanstalk and Little Red Riding Hood growing up as a child. Considering most of these children are now adults, Playlogic decides to take these same fantasy fairytale kingdoms and turns them all on their headsÖ then slice and dice them to shreds. In the game Fairytale Fights, you get the choice of playing as Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, as well as the Naked Emperor. Whichever character you choose, you will be introduced to a storyline where the people of the Fairytale Kingdom no longer admire you. Each character has his/her own unique intro story; however the premise is all the same. You set out on a quest to return your name to fame and catch whoever wronged you. So how do you accomplish thisÖ you will hack, slash, and punch your way to fame and glory?

This is basically a hack Ďní slash game with cartoon characters, but this is not your normal everyday cartoon game. There is a lot of blood in this game; more blood than is in war games like Modern Warfare 2 or Dragon Age: Origins. When at E3 2009, I was privy to a demo of this game and watched as the creators played as the characters and skated through the blood of their enemies. We watched, as they sliced in half woodsmen and animals alike and use their blood to slide around the screen in the demo. This was the major selling point of the game. Prior to picking quest mode to begin the gameplay, your in Talesville where you can pick the character you want to play with, as well as adjust settings when it comes to graphics and sound. You can also go to the bank and see how much money you have collected, spent, lost because you died, as well other places to visit. After defeating the game, I went and looked through my bank account and noticed I lost hundreds of millions of dollars from dying during the game (playing on hardcore difficulty). You can also spend the money you earn in the game on a statute. As you spend money, the statue gets more detailed and grandiose. Moreover, helps to show your awesomeness to the fairytale world.

The gameplay for the game starts with the three bears and Goldilocks; someone steals their porridge pot and whichever character you play as goes after the culprits to retrieve it for the bears. Therefore, this is how your quest begins as you attempt to regain your fame and make your name famous once more. As you hack Ďní slash your way through Talesville, chasing down the culprits, you catch up to them only to get away. As your progress through the story, this will happen several times until you finally get the porridge pot back only to notice that the princesses of the world are being kidnapped and ultimately killed. Therefore, you attempt to save them, which leads you on another wild goose chase through the Fairytale world as you attempt to rescue them, defeating a couple bosses only to have a princess or two killed in the process. Until you reach the end of the game, you donít have any clue whoís actually behind all the mischief within the Fairytale Kingdoms. However once you do, you are treated to an interesting twist of a convoluted story.

The controls within the game is pretty straightforward as you use the right analog stick to swing your weapon whatever it may be, you also have the ability to block oncoming attacks with the Left Trigger button, however it doesnít really work well that well. The Right Shoulder button picks up a weapon to use as well as allowing you to throw the weapon away or at an enemy. In addition, the Left Shoulder button allows you to store the weapon for later use so you can pick up a second weapon. This comes in handy, as there are places where you fight where no weapons are around to pickup or can be stolen from the enemies so having an extra weapon in case you die comes in handy. The ability to slash your enemies in half vertically, horizontally and many other ways are performed with the Right Trigger button, which is a definite plus and the animation they show when you are fighting is cool.

However there are moments within the combat that just frustrate the heck out of you and an example of that is the guys with the guns; be it woodsman or the gingerbread men, they can constantly shoot at and kill you if not careful. It is impossible to block the shots, so you must rely on jumping and running around while moving towards your enemies. Even with this technique you will usually end up dying several cheap deaths. So donít be too shocked to be killed once and then soon as you respawn get shot or slashed to death again and die seconds after coming back. There is also no real formula to the combat, which results in you moving the analog stick as fast and you can, rinse and repeat.

On the plus side of things, the combat system puts at your disposal numerous weapons, all of which have devastating affects when used properly. From acid bottles and love potions to pillows and toothbrushes, the Playlogic wanted to make sure that there was a wide variety of weapons and different ways of killing your enemies. This is where Fairytale Fights excels simply because no two people will actually play through the game the same way, creating a unique gaming experience for each player. Playlogic even included a star system that tells you the strength of the weapons, which will definitely aid you in know what are the best weapons to keep in your arsenal.

Moreover, if you pay attention as you play through the game, you will notice that youíre fighting and battling through the same sections of the game on a very different level. It is almost as if they copied and pasted the backdrops because they didnít have any ideas on what the next level or section of a level should look like, so they transplanted several sections of the game in other areas of the game. Not stopping there, the camera is another issue to contend with. No one has seem to perfect this as of yet and it is usually always a problem in hack Ďní slash games. The problem with the camera within this game is itís too far away, which takes away the visceral feel of the game because youíre so far away you canít really see the hacking and slashing that well. In addition, as far as jumping to different ledges that are in a 3d space, itís hard to judge where to jump to so there is a learning curve when it comes to that.

The sound design for this game is average; there is not anything spectacular about it or well done. There is no voice work at all; the music and sounds effects for the game do not help engross you into the fairytale world. Nor does it help improve the quality of the game. On the other hand, the graphics for the game are done fairly well. The backdrops look very good, the blood pooling all over the foreground during your battles as well as when blood spurts out of you and the enemies when you are fighting is also very well done. The characters are one drawback to the graphics, the levels are beautifully done but the characters are plain and do not have the same level of detail as the areas in which they fight and do battle. The boss battles are done very well especially the scaling as some enemies like the beaver stretch the height of the screen. The boss battles are also uniquely setup in involve the surrounding environments.

Once you are finished with the single-player campaign, you can also partake within the arena mode, which is the online multiplayer feature for the game. In addition, you can create an online mode for the story mode, which allows you to play with your friends online and other players from around the world with the game. This can help expand the game time and give u a different take on gameplay within the game, however the game is still frustrating and that wonít change whether there are one, two or four people playing.

Fairytale Fights is a decent game. It is not as great as I thought it was when I saw the demo at E3 back in June. The hacking and slashing is good but repetitive after a while. The game design is also poor in that they repeat levels instead of designing new ones. The camera, shocking as this is, gets in the way of the game and doesnít help it to be impressive as it can be. The addition of the multiplayer mode, whether it is in the arena mode or the story mode, is always a welcome plus. The graphics save the game because the story is pretty convoluted and doesnít really make sense. However, it is a cartoon style, so I guess it doesnít really have to. The sound design is very lacking, making you wish the music would have been more integrated and based off what was happening on the screen. The blood and the ability to slice and dice you enemies up is very appealing. The multitude of weapons from axes and chainsaws to toothbrushes and pillows make it entertaining. Just using all the many weapons in the games to kill the other characters can be cathartic and fun. While this game is not as amazing as I was hoping it would be, sliding through the blood of my enemies was a very nice added touch that kept me playing this game for several hours.


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