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Published By: Bolat Games
Developed By: Boolat Games
Genre: Puzzle/Platformer
Players: 1-2
Rated: E (Everyone)
Screenshots: Link
Price: $9.99
Written By: Marcus Prunty

Topatoi: The Great Tree Story is a new platformer brought to us by Boolat games. Released via the PlayStation Network, you control Raph as he attempts to rescue his girlfriend who was kidnapped by a great big black raven, as well as find spare parts to fix up their ship, which crash landed on a weird planet. Raph pilots a GEMMA (Gyroscopic Exploration Multidimensional Multiterrain Apparatus) as he is aided by the inhabitants of the Great Tree. The GEMMA features similar physics to a spinning top, requiring precise controlling in order to keep from falling off walkways, branches and edges as he traverses the landscape. Along his journey, he will encounter barbarians and many unique puzzles, which will test his skills and his determination. Some of the various puzzles involve you navigating a ball into various positions to open gates so you can progress further. All in all, you can expect to experience a little bit of everything within Topatoi: The Great Tree Story.

Within The Great tree Story, there are seven chapters in which you have to choice as to how to traverse the levels within each chapter. While the game gives you a pretty linear path to follow from beginning to end of each level, there are branching paths and shortcuts that allow you to complete a level quicker than normal. Along the way, you will come across signposts that will give you hints on what to do next, which is very helpful considering there will be times where you are not sure of your next move or how to go about completing a certain tasks. Something of key importance is that your GEMMA uses fuel up at a faster rate when you speed up its spinning. Because of this, fuel pellets are scattered throughout each level, keeping your vehicle from coming to a standstill. Though there is enough fuel pellets to last you a level, managing your feel is still important, especially for those who want to collect all the trophies within this game. There are also golden stars that you collect along the way, which don’t serve any real purpose beyond having something to collect along the way. Each level will have a particular set amount of stars that can collect.

The GEMMA you pilot also has various special abilities that will also need to be used in order to get past puzzles. There is a jump button that allows you to jump gaps and over gates, as well as a push button which allows u to push things and there is a pull button as well that allows you to drag objects like the ball and blocks. The push, pull, and jump abilities are upgraded as you past certain levels and are made stronger. The jump is upgrade from a single jump to a double jump that is very helpful in certain situations and areas, however uses up your fuel at a faster rate. The push ability is upgraded to almost throwing ability in that you can push everything near you away, and the pull ability is the opposite in that you can yank and uproot things towards you. All of these abilities and upgrades serve their purpose in helping you to progress through the story, while also helping you to find your “bonnie-lass.”

Once you complete Topatoi: The Great Tree Story’s single-player campaign, you have the option to hop right into the arcade. The difference between the story mode and arcade is mode is that now you have the option to go at it alone, or a buddy joins in on the action via split-screen. There are 10 levels, which have their own distinctive play methods. For instance, within one of the levels, all you need to do is make various jumps through. Another level will have you pulling various blocks throughout the entire level in order to overcome your obstacles. With varying gameplay mechanics for each level, it creates a unique gaming experience which stands out in comparison to the other levels. If you opt to play with a friend via split-screen mode, you’ll go head up with the second player as you do battle on four distinctive levels.

Topatoi: The Great Tree Story is a unique platformer that it takes the real-world physics of a spinning and top and ties it into the gameplay, creating a unique experience not like anything before it. Saving your girlfriend and repairing your ship is one thing, but having to do it while spinning like a top is another. While the game can be completed in little over 3 hours, there’s a bit more to the story than meets the eye. (Spoiler Alert) It seems that this adventure is only part 1 of 3 parts, in which Raph will have to get his shipped repaired so they can head home and save his simi-better half. This is a solid platformer and takes a bit of practice before you get the controls down to where you are not falling off and dying a lot but you will enjoy it, so check it out on the PlayStation Store.


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