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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published By:RTL Interactive
Developed By: I-Imagine Interactive
Genre: Sports
Players: 1-4
Rated: E (Everyone)
Release Date: September 30, 2009
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Anthony C.

Do you know who won the FIFA World Cup in 1970? Can you spot Cristiano Ronaldo in a crowd? If so, then this is the game for you! Finally, the Soccer Hooligans of Xbox Live can rejoice – their ultimate quiz game has finally come. Football Genius: The Ultimate Quiz features 3,500 questions, 4 - Player online or local multiplayer, and Online Leader boards, but its overall visual style and lack of game-play variety doom it to mediocrity.

After listening to a long, detailed lecture on the history or the words “Soccer” and “American Football”, I understand that both sports have equal claim to the word “Football” (in fact, the word Soccer was actually invented in England!) but it may have been wise, at least for the American and Japanese (who use the word “Sakka”) localizations of this game, to title it “Soccer Genius.” Unfortunately, the average fan of American Football may not notice the giant soccer ball in the title and download this by mistake. Remember, Xbox Live policy: there are no refunds for this purchase!

That being said, hardcore soccer fans will not be disappointed by the large variety of questions the game offers. I played through several times I didn’t encounter the same one twice! The game boasts “9 Game-play Modes” but this statement is a bit misleading. In truth, there is either single player or multiplayer. The variety comes in the style of questions. A full game is divided into smaller rounds of a certain question type: ranging from simple trivia Q&A style to picture identification. Actual video footage-based questions would have been a nice touch, but this would have made the game that much larger and possibly more expensive (the game is just over 160 MB). Most questions revolve around knowing players, teams, and winners of key games. They range in difficulty from incredibly obscure, to ones that even I knew (a photo identification of David Beckham), but for the most part, a moderately high level of soccer fandom is required.

The quiz mechanics are simple and intuitive, but also more unforgiving than the SAT’s. Players are granted scores for correct answers given in a certain amount of time, with more points being awarded the sooner a question is answered; however, Players are also punished with negative points for incorrect answers. What’s worse is you are given the exact number of negative points for wrong answers that a correct answer would have netted you positive. In other words, if you can gain 1,000 points for an immediate correct answer, you stand to lose 1,000 points for an immediate wrong answer. The good news is, the score will not dip into the negative and add further insult to injury. Finally, there is no penalty for simply not answering a question and letting the clock run out.

The visual style is a bit lacking, with almost no “graphics” of which to speak. For the most part, the game consists of simple text boxes, nice high definition photos of soccer games/players/teams/etc. and of course, your Xbox Live Avatar in the corner. The only original animation is a bouncing soccer ball which signals the start of a new round. As for the sound, it is pretty standard for what one might expect in a quiz game. The most interesting audio-based feature is the ability to customize your buzzer from a small variety of annoying sounds.

At 800 Microsoft points ($10.00 US), the game seems a bit pricey for what it offers, but nevertheless could provide great party-style entertainment for you and your soccer-loving friends. Admittedly, from my American perspective, the game seems a little out of place on my US Region Xbox 360 and seems more like it belongs in one of those miniature quiz machines someone might find in a pub (and in Europe).


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