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Gaming Evolution
Published By: XSEED Games/Marvelous Entertainment
Developed By: Cing Inc. /Town Factory
Genre: Simulation
Players: 1
Rated: T (Teen)
Release Date: July 21, 2009
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

Every console is defined by the games it provides for its audiences. The PS3 have Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, Xbox 360 has Halo 3 and the Wii has Super Mario Galaxy. While these games have set the bar for gameplay expertise for each console, the truth of the matter is that each console has been aided by the success of the Role-Playing genre. Grand adventures, immersive storylines and memorable characters are all key factors to the success of this genre and why it will continue to create lasting memories for years to come. Knowing this, XSEED Games secured top tier talent to make yet another epic adventure for the Nintendo Wii known as Little King's Story.

Little Kingís Story opens up with the main character, a young boy by the name of Corobo, who stumbles upon a gold crown within a mysterious forest. With little children being curious individuals, Corobo decides to put the crown atop his head, resulting in him becoming king of Alpoko. Shortly after putting on the crown, Coroboís royal advisors show up to take him to his kingdom. Upon arriving, all he sees is a few small houses and a less than flattering castle. Looking to return the kingdom to its former glory, chief adviser Howser proposes a method for which King Corobo can rebuild his kingdom and live off the fruits of its labor. From here, this is when the true adventure within Little Kingís Story begins.

Before you can begin your revitalization of the Alpoko Kingdom, King Corobo must get the citizens to go to work as oppose to being carefree individuals who simply take life for what it is. With more than 20 distinct jobs that will become available as you progress through the game, itís your job as King to send the citizens to training school in order to pick a profession and excel at it for the sake of the kingdom. The first profession of importance is farmers, which would help to bring about growing food, finding money, and even uncovering hot springs which can be used to heal the wounded. Other positions of importance include soldiers, carpenters, miners, lumberjacks, etc. Each position compliments the other, thus allowing the growth of your kingdom to thrive in a timely manner.

After you have revitalized your kingdom and build up your army, itís time to set out on new ventures in order to expand your kingdom. This means doing away with various monsters, soldiers and fellow Kings in the name of expanding the Alpoko Kingdom. While traversing the land, a dotted line extends forward from the King representing his line of sight. If a threat comes into that line of sight, simply tapping the A button would send your soldiers in for an attack. To call them back, simply tap the B button. Keep in mind that the enemies wonít just stand there and let you attack them without fighting back. Whenever an enemy is about to fight back, you will notice little fumes coming from their head, which is a warning sign that they are about to take. When this happens, recalling your soldiers is vital to survival and eventual victory.

The action within Little Kingís Story simply doesnít stop there. There are also several unique boss battles that essential to you actually expanding your land. These boss battles are split up between Guardians and Kings. The Guardians would be like governors, while the King would be like the President of a country. Defeating the Guardians will open up small pockets of land that you can begin to build your kingdom upon. Vanquishing a fellow King allows you to lay claim to their lands, which are certainly vaster than yours. Whether fighting with a Guardian or a King, you can expect some interesting sequences. Not all battles are fought and won using brute force. There are battles that will involve your wits and memory in order to survive.

Little Kingís Story is a prime example that the Wii can provide a visually appealing gaming experience without relying on pure console power. Whether within your own kingdom or traversing the lands, the environments are nice done, offering up great detail and a variety of colors. The character models are simplistic and unique, allowing each and every citizen within your kingdom to have his or her own identity without looking exactly like one another. Another visually pleasing moment comes via the in-game cutscenes. During these cutscenes, some sort of a smear filter is used to give it the look of an oil-painting done by Claude Monet in the 19th century.

Another strong point to Little Kingís Story is its audio and the use of classical music. Most games of a similar nature tend to have a unique musical score to aid in the telling of its story. Within Little Kingís Story, the developers opted for the use of classical music as a tool to help gamers remember the game long after they stop playing it. I canít vouch for the entire in-game soundtrack, but there are at least one or two songs that everyone has heard at some point in their life; whether through a movie, TV commercial, musical concert, etc. That connection alone will have gamers thinking about this game months after its release and initial playthroughs. Another strong point for the gameís audio is the use of non-traditional speaking dialogue. Instead of the characters speaking in English, Spanish or German, the game uses a blending of multiple languages, creating a new language that canít be understood. Throughout the game I heard bits and pieces of English, French, and Japanese; however couldnít really make out anything.

For me, Little Kingís Story is a refreshing gaming experience to partake it given the majority of games is of the shooting genre this generation. With a story that can last anywhere from 20 to 30 hours, Little Kingís Story takes the simplistic and unique route to offer an engaging and memorable gaming experience that will help define itself as a premier title alongside the likes of Mario, Pikmin and many others. For those looking for some added value, there is a hard and an unlockable tyrant mode to keep you plenty busy.


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