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Gaming Evolution
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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Digital Eclipse/Capcom
Distributed By: Electro Source
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Rated: T (Teen)
Release Date: January 20, 2000
Written by: Matthew Prunty

March 8, 2005 - Gaming has always found its niche within the hearts of gamers across the world. Whether it is through in-depth and heart-felt storylines and plots, or through the emotional display of the characters involved in the story. There are even gamers out there that like to be put into situations where you are fighting for your life, in order to be hooked. Whatever your style of gameplay is, you can never dispel the fact that the storyline and/or plot are your moneymakers.

The game starts out as Sir Arthur (played by you) and the princess sitting together on a cemetery, and King Arthur is in his underwear. Don't as me why, I guess they are freaky that way. But anyhow, out of nowhere, Satan whisks by and nabs your beloved beauty and all you can do is just sit there and watch. Now some may ask, why couldn't of you thrown a weapon at Satan, and ended it there..and the main reason is because you wouldn't have a game to play...LOL

One of the most interesting elements about this game is the Hit Arthur Ratio. Basically when an enemy hits Arthur, he looses all his armor that was protecting him and is reduced down to his underwear. Now defenseless, if he is hit again, he turns into a pile of bones. No matter how good you think you are, this sequence will be depicted a lot throughout the game, so get ready to get frustrated and say a few words at your television.

As you start out the game, you are equipped with a few weapons to help you out in your battle against evil. You have a javelin, which 6you start out in the game with most of the time; a dagger for faster and quicker attacks (which may even help you defeat the Red Demon half way into the first level, who knows?), a fiery torch that is utterly useless in the game, and an axe, which you pick up on the third level of the game. Stick to the dagger or the javelin to get through the game, but either way you go with the weapons, you may not survive.

Dark tones, with a gloomy atmospheric presentation help to set the mood of this 1986 Nintendo Entertainment Classic. Some of the characters facial characteristics, namely Arthur's, are by far more perfectible than any body else's. The zombies in the game look like there were no thought at all put into their design and presentation within the game. But when its all packaged together, the game is a welcome addition for any gamer out there.

It's great sound for its time. While not realistic by today's standards, the music and effects effectively communicate the sheer horror that this game is. The sound you hear when Sir Arthur gets reduced to nothing but bone matter is the most prevalent sound in this game, along with the droning noise the zombies make.

I would have to say is the week point of this game by far and makes the game more challenging than it needs to be. Jumping in this game takes a little bit to grasp its concept; mainly because when you take off from the ground, you can't control where you will land. So if you jump to early, or to late, you can end up landing on or in a vial creature that you were trying to avoid. On the plus side, the weapons respond correctly, which is a good thing because if they didn't, you would be in a heaping of trouble with some of the enemies, especially the Red Demons.

A true classic if I ever saw one, and if you are into survival games, this is definitely one you must own. The main purpose beside saving the princess is to survive, which some can grasp a lot better than searching all over the Mushroom Kingdom looking for secrets and coins...LOL. If there is a drop of masochism anywhere in your body, then you will definitely be playing this title over and over for months and months to come.


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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution Gaming Evolution Gaming Evolution
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