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Published By: Playlogic
Developed By: Metropolis Software
Genre: Third-Person Action
Players: 1
Rated: M (Mature)
Release Date: June 30, 2009
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

When Playlogic first announced Infernal: Hellís Vengeance, it seemed like a very interesting and unique title. Considering other titles in development like Fairytale Fights and Obscured: The Aftermath, something about Infernal just screamed play me. Whatís not to like about a former soldier for Heavenís army siding with the Devil upon learning that his former employer is out to kill him. Once I got my hands on a copy of the game and begin to experience the life of Ryan Lennox, the protagonist in Infernal: Hellís Vengeance, it seemed that this game had a few issues that werenít corrected and features that werenít implemented correctly by the developer. However, before you move on and donít give this title a second thought, finish reading the article to find out about the full experience of Infernal: Hellís Vengeance.

When it comes to the visual presentation, Hellís Vengeance is a mix bag. The environments are unique and ever-changing. Unlike your typical third-person shooters, each and every location within the game is different and unique, allowing for the player to stay immersed into the environment without feeling like they have just went through this area before. In terms of the character models and their facial animations, they are solid for the most part, however you can definitely tell that not enough time was spend to polish up the overall look and sync the dialog with the emotions conveyed by the characterís faces. In regards to the audio, whatís not to love about cheesy one-liners, and uninspiring yet funny dialog.

For those gamers who donít look through the game manual before hopping into the game, this is definitely the time to do so. After the opening scenes, you are thrusted right into battle. It doesnít take that long to pick up on the controls, however with bullets whizzing by your head and trying to simply stay alive, you definitely feel the pressure is on to learn the controls a.s.a.p. Once you make it through the open level, you are rewarded with a treat, which is an in-game tutorial giving you hints on how to play the game. Some may wonder why is the game setup like that and itís really simply, the developer injected a new intro for the game, however forgot to move up the tutorials to match the new opening sequence.

One of the biggest differences between Hellís Vengeance and traditional shooters is the lack of precision aim. Gamers nowadays are use to being able to utilize precision aim in order to hit a target far away or a target in motion. In Hellís Vengeance all you have is a crosshair and you gaming skills, which will make the battles far more intense and rewarding for some. For those who donít like the default settings, you will the option to go into the settings and tweak the sensitivity of the controls until you find useable setting that works for you. Alongside you use of firearms; Ryan also can take down his enemies with a little hand-to-hand combat, though you are better off sticking with the weapons. The hand-to-hand combat works for the most part, but I found myself have issues with actually landing a punch. For some reason when you are not directly in front of your enemy, throwing a punch will often miss the opponent. Not quite sure if this is a glitch or lack of game polishing, however considering I prefer my gun to fists, it wasnít that much of a bothersome.

Rounding out your weapons of attack, you have the ability to use supernatural abilities and powers. Since he no longer is working with Heavenís army, he has lost all his ďHeavenlyĒ abilities, thus requiring you as the player to learn all new ones as your progress through the game. With every new ability you acquire, there is a small tutorial which explains how to utilize the ability within a given situation. While these new abilities can make for some interesting situations, often enough they are not really needed. The ability to teleport and move objects with your mind is great as long as there is an actual reason to use them. There are points within the game where you have to teleport past cameras to stay hidden, which seems easy enough, however simply shooting out the cameras is also an easy path to take. Having access to abilities not of this world is a welcome addition, but due them not being implemented correctly, they donít really seem like they are actually needed within the game.

Some say siding with the Devil is a lot easier than GOD, which is true; however it doesnít mean things will all fall into place for you if you did. Take for instance Ryan can no longer happily walk into a church without a consequence befallen him. His special meter, which allows him to use his supernatural powers, drains the longer heís inside the church, essentially turning him into a normal human-being. This gameplay feature alone keeps that action interesting simply because the soldiers from Heavenís army know this and can actually use this to their advantage. Another nice gameplay feature is the requirement of Ryan having to drain the life out of his enemies in order to survive. Seeing how he now aligned with the Devil, it makes perfect since that he would need their essence in order to survive. Sadly, towards the latter parts of the game, there seems to be health packs that can now be utilized for extended life. My thinking is either you use them throughout the game or not at all. Thereís a reason for them being available in the latter parts of the game, just seems odd when of the gaming was done without them available.

Infernal: Hellís Vengeance is one of those games that had so much potential, but failed to live up to it due to lack of time in truly developing the port from PC to the Xbox 360 and the overall polishing of the title. Does this game deserve a shunning my gamers, no. This not one of the best third-person shooters on the market today, however it still provides and entertaining gaming experience if you can get beyond all the games hang-ups.


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