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Gaming Evolution
Published By: Curious Toys
Developed By: Curious Toys
Genre: Strategy
Release Date: July 23, 2009
Screenshots: Link
Price: $0.99
Written By: Marcus Prunty

"You Son of a Biscuit Eater, I thought y'knew how to helm a boat!", I got that message a lot when I first started playing. Sea Captain is an action strategy/flight control game brought to us by Curious Toys which is a division of Curious Pictures. In the game you must dock the boats as they appear on the screen and keep them from crashing by avoiding obstacles and other boats. When you play the game you use your fingers to make a path that each ship will take to the dock. Matching the boat color with the dock color you navigate the ships into the right ports. This may sound really simple to you when you read this but trust me this game is very challenging, especially when more ships make their way on screen and your having to navigate 5 or 6 boats at a time.

The gameplay for this game is complex and engaging and gets to be addicting as you play more and more. Sea Captain has a unique scoring system that is based on their Captain's Orders System. Everytime you steer a boat or draw a line for where the boat is to go, you are issuing and order. Based on the number of orders you issue as well as the number of ships you are able to dock based on those orders, dictates how well you do in the scoring system. The best way to boost your score is to think strategic when you order the boats into the docks. A straight line isnít necessarily the best way to get your boat into the dock, especially once you have multiple ships on screen at the same time. With the addition of a narrator, the old Sea Captain, who helps guides the player on what to do make the game fun and unique.

There are three unique environments in the game, which are New England (which is where you start), the Arctic and the Caribbean Sea. These three environments alone are challenging enough when playing them during the day, they get even more difficult when you play them in night mode. Night mode is more difficult because youíre navigating by the light of the lighthouse which rotates thus requiring you to pay very close attention and move your boats when you see them. For the most part your boat will always be in darkness and this is where you really need strategy and to pay attention. After you have mastered the day and night modes of the three environments, the gameplay donít end as Curious Toys has given us a challenge mode as well. With the Challenging Mode come global bragging rights as you can post your score on a leaderboard online, which is another added feature that makes this a plus. Once players think they have mastered the art of sea navigation by unlocking all maps, they can enter the Challenge Mode, which features six bonus game play scenarios. Players can post their scores on the global high-score leaderboards.

This game is simple in that you just swipe your fingers to navigate the boat, which is where the simplicity ends as you begin to get swarmed by many boats that need to find their docks. having to deal with different weathers because of the different environments as well as the challenging night mode will keep you engrossed for hours at a time sometimes maybe even frustrating you but thatís good because it will make you want to beat it that much more. For the price tag of $0.99 cents this game is easy to afford and for all the different environments and challenging modes this is a steal at that price. So buy this game for your iPhone or iPod Touch because it is definitely fun.


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