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Published By: 415 Games
Developed By: 415 Games
Genre: Puzzle
Players: 1
Rated: E (Everyone)
Release Date: July 8, 2009
Price: $1.99
Screenshots: Link
Written By: Matthew Prunty

Long have been the days of combining some of the greatest things into one. There has been the cell phone and the internet, peanut butter and jelly, and even Sonny and Cher. These combinations have left a lasting mark on society and as time passes by, newer combinations are created. Looking towards the videogame industry, we have a new combination that hasn’t gotten the attention it truly deserves. You take two of the greatest games –Dominos and Tetris-- and combine them together. The result is Puzzle Domino, the latest creation from 415 Games and released exclusively for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

When both dominos and tetris hit the gaming community in their own right, they both become two of the most popular games played by people of all ages. In a time where things are combined into one, it was bound to happen sooner or later that we would see a creative collaboration of the two. While the title is called Puzzle Domino, there is no need to know the rules behind the game Domino. The only factor taken from that game is the tiles dropping from the ceiling in Puzzle Domino look like miniature dominos, with number dots on both sides of the tile. The rules and puzzling nature of Puzzle Domino comes from the essence of Tetris.

The objective of Puzzle Domino is the exact same as playing a game of Tetris. You are required to line up 3 or more similar numbers –horizontally, vertically and diagonally—in order for those tiles to disappear, leaving the other half of each title to drop down into the remaining void. As you press on through the game, you have the ability to form chain reactions, which can clear the board of any and all tiles if positioned within the right circumstances. Also adding to the diversity, wild cards and bombs appear that can help you clear the board if you stack of dominos gets a little too high for you. The wild card acts as an eliminator. It’s a single-sided tile that can be dropped on any of the number dotted tiles already below and whip them clear from the board. With the bomb, it does what it does best, blow things up.

A nicely added twist to the gameplay mechanics is when you are playing the game and all of a sudden the dominos go from off-white to black. Whenever this switch happens, you must shift your priority from match the black dominos with the off-white ones, but towards some black on black action. After awhile, the dominos will switch back to the off-white ones, and this is where it can get very hectic. During these transitions it is essential that you try to eliminate dominos as quickly as possible so when the next transition comes, you are not in a precarious situation.

In order to control all the mayhem on the screen, you would simply tap the left side of the screen to rotate the dropping dominos counter-clockwise. If you tap the right side of the screen, they will rotate clockwise. Moving you finger along the screen, either left or right, would result in the domino moving to the side accordingly. IF you want to simply drop the domino to the bottom quickly, simply touch the screen and perform a downward stroke to send it hurling to the bottom. Those who have a grasp on the apple devices will take to the controls without any problems at all.

Puzzle Domino is a nice and welcome surprise for those who enjoy puzzle-based games. It’s well worth the $2 price point. Once this game become the success story that it should be, just think what the future holds for 415 Games… maybe a new combination of Connect Four and Tic Tac Toe. Only time will tell.


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