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Gaming Evolution
Published By:Ronimo Games
Developed By:Ronimo Games
Genre: Strategy
Players: 1-2
Rated: E10 (Everyone 10 and Up)
Release Date: June 8, 2009
Screenshots: Link
Price: 1,000 Wii Points
Written By:Marcus Prunty

Swords and Soldiers; that is all you need for battle, weapons to use and people to use them as you attempt to defeat your enemy and take over their area. The title for this real time strategy game from the Ronimo Games is so dead on and misleading at the same time. There are many soldiers in the game and swords but u have to create them or hire them and the only way you can do that is with money. The only way to get money in Swords & Soldiers is to have these workers mine for gold, which allows you to get soldiers to fight the battles and defend yourself. This is where the strategy part comes into play.

This game is also unique in the fact that this is a side-scrolling RTS, which is different, then the 3D RTS that are popular today with PC gamers. This works out pretty well on the Wii console; you have the map of the general area across the bottom of the screen. The gold circles indicate mines where you can retrieve gold, however you must do so fast because the enemy has mines on its side that they use to get more soldiers to fight also. The blue dots are your people, the green dots are the enemies and the green castle is a tower or tower like structure. This is what all you can decipher just from looking at the map at the bottom of the screen. Across the top of the screen are your action buttons I will call them. The blue up arrow that has options for soldiers or magic spells. When you have enough money or mana, you can click on a new spell or a new type of soldier to use to defeat the enemy. Once you have your spells and soldiers then they will appear at the top next to that blue arrow and once you have the gold or mana you get a new soldier or you can use a spell. This control interface is simple and uses the Wii-mote to navigate the screen as well as pick a soldier a spell or another buxom blonde-haired woman to retrieve more gold for you.

This game is all about strategy. On certain levels you need to mine gold to do something else, well in order to do that you need to defend yourself long enough to get the gold. Therefore, you have to do a mixture of buying soldiers and workers, but if you do not have enough soldiers to defend yourself you will not are able to mine the gold before the enemy overruns you. In addition, if you do not have enough workers you will not mine gold fast enough to get the soldiers you need to defend yourself or to reach your goal. This is pretty much the same thing when you are playing through all the levels, which results in finding the right balance. Trust me; I was overrun quite a few times on some of the levels, so the game is not a cakewalk. Its gets hectic and fast pace once the enemy begins sending wave after wave of its own troops in order to push you back.

In Swords & Soldiers you have Campaign mode where there is 3 groups –Vikings, Aztecs and Chinese-- to choose from. There are around 10 levels per each group so that’s 30 levels in just campaign mode. Then you have skirmish mode where you pick a side out of the Vikings, Aztec, and Chinese and you do battle against one of the groups of your choosing and you can adjust how difficult you want the computer to challenge you. In skirmish mode, there are options to make the map small with a short distance between you and the enemy or you can make it large and complicated. If you go into options under skirmish mode, you can also pick how much gold to start with as well as mana and workers and you can handicap yourself or the computer. The last mode is challenges and its pretty much the same kind of strategy of survive and conquer as campaign and skirmish mode. You receive achievements in game but unfortunately they cannot be posted anywhere for others to see now hopefully they will change that. This game also has multiplayer, which makes it 2-player game where you and a friend take a side and it is not online you have to play on the same console. Adding the ability to play online with a friend who has the game would have been a nice added boost.

The cartoon art style that is used I have seen popup in quite a few Wii titles and I am getting use to seeing it. For this game, it takes the seriousness out of a RTS genre game and makes it fun and comical. The music is a very nice touch I would go into battle any day with the score they use makes everything feel epic and big all the crescendos and the low soft parts.

All in all Ronimo Games did an excellent job with this title. They have successfully created a real time strategy game for the Wii console. In addition, although it is not in 3D like most new RTS, I do not care simply because it is beautiful and it works. The sound design and graphics mesh well. There is no lag or freezing up points during game play. Moreover, it is fun and not as serious as other RTS are. The lack of online multiplayer sucks a little bit but it is a WiiWare title and not a disc game so you cannot expect them to put in everything. For a 1000 Wii points this title is worth it, you will not be disappointed.


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