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Published By: SEGA
Developed By: High Voltage Software
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Players: 1 (2-11 online)
Release Date: June 23, 2009
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

The Conduit is the latest hyped up game for the Nintendo Wii, brought to us by the veterans over at Sega. It attempts to bring more hardcore gamers over to the Wii through a visually impressive first person shooter. You play the game as Secret Service Agent Michael Ford as you try to save the world or stop the alien forces. The plot for the game is a bit murky your never quite sure what the ultimate goal is or what your trying to do other then survive and kill as many aliens and rogue agents who are supposed to be your allies. The plot of the story is told to you through communications you receive prior to the levels. This is not as snazzy or impressive as other first person shooters deal with the whole telling of the story. Although they do attempt to fix this by adding, radios throughout the levels that are hidden that provide you with more information while you are fighting the aliens.

The major point of a game on the Wii is how it takes advantage of the unique Wii controls; the remote and the nunchuck. The Conduit does an excellent job of taking full advantage of the controllers when it comes to playing this game. The default controls that they give you allow you to move forward and back with the nunchuck, while the remote controls you turning left to right and aiming and shooting, the nunchuck also can be flicked lightly to throw a grenade. The default controls are probably ok for most players but they did not suit me that well so I changed them. The ability to customize your control scheme to fit what you like to do or what is comfortable for you helps other areas of the gameplay. I used agent Washington control scheme which, was a much better fit for me. I also changed the camera style as well from the default, which is human to Drudge which gives full control of steering to the nunchuck, which made it easier for me to navigate the world while just aiming and shooting with the remote. This might not sound like a big deal to most people but making the controls work for you is the easiest part of handling this game. You can also adjust the sensitivities in the game until theyíre exactly how you like them. Sega got this aspect of the game right.

Another aspect of the Conduit that I liked was the visuals. The graphics may not be on par with the caliber of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360; however they are pretty amazing for the Nintendo Wii. The visuals are probably some of the best graphics I have seen on the Wii. The enemies are highly detailed and when they attack in swarms to get to you, it looks like they are crawling all over the camera trying to get to you. That little addition is visually impressive. The reflection from the weaponry that is used in the game helps to immerse you into the game. When solving puzzles you have to use a ball called the All Seeing Eye or ASE to locate hidden items you need to open doors, or bombs that can blow you up as you walk by. I thought this was cool the first few times I used it but it did not enhance the level design too much. The level design for the game is mundane; almost all rooms on any given level look very similar to each other, with the only difference usually being if there is enemies in the room or if it is empty. Other aspects of level design that are frustrating are the rooms that are filled with enemies but no real cover for you to hide behind. I guess this is their way of making some levels more exciting by making u run and shoot with no cover in an attempt to survive. This is how I felt the first time it happened, but when I saw more levels like that, it just got a bit repetitive and annoying.

The enemy A.I. is also a bit confusing at times. You will be playing one level where thereís a lot of enemies but there sort of standing around and you can openly shoot them without them really attacking you. Then thereís other sections of levels where youíre getting swarmed all over by enemies. I think they should have made the A.I. more consistent, either by making them aggressive or passive but not both at the same time. The hardcore gamers that this game was designed for would appreciate a more consistent enemy A.I. not one that lies down and lets you shoot them in the head without even raising a weapon to stop you.

For all the faults that The Conduit has; and it has many, the redeeming feature for first person shooters that are not up to par is multiplayer. Sega made sure to include multiplayer to make this game a lot more appealing to players. When you connect via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, you are given a friend code that you give to your friends and they can hook up with you and play. You have three options when it comes to multiplayer, one is your friends, the second one is regional where you play with the people who are in your region and the other one is worldwide where anyone and everyone can play with you. You have a choice of four characters which includes the Agent, the drone or alien, a Guard, and a Scientist. You can customize the colors to whatever you want via a slide bar and you can play with 11 more people in a bunch of different environments from the game. Now I will admit that I suck when playing multiplayer games. I canít read the maps right and someone is always sneaking up on me. However it is a welcome break to play with other people around the country or the world. One downfall with the multiplayer mode is the Wii Speak option which allows you to talk during multiplayer matches. Apparently you can hear but canít talk to individual players unless their on your friend list, which takes away from the team aspects of the multiplayer experience.

Overall, The Conduit is a fairly decent game. Itís a bit murky when it comes to the plot and storyline, but if you push that aside and just play the game for what it is and just shoot and kill the aliens and rogue agents, you wonít be too disappointed in the game like I was. The multiplayer will provide you with hours of fun if your do not like the story mode too much. Multiplayer does not do anything different than most games but the ability to customize the character you use I liked a lot. So check this game out from Sega it will give you some fun gaming experiences.


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