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Published By: Hudson Soft
Developed By: Hudson Soft
Genre: Action
Players: 1-4 (2-8 online)
Rated: E (Everyone)
Release Date: June 11, 2009
Screenshots: Link
Price: $10
Written By: Matthew Prunty

July 8, 2009 - When it comes to gaming, no franchise has attempted to and successfully debuted on practically every hardware platform released since the 1980s like Bomberman has. The action has always been fast-paced and intense, whether playing against computer controlled opponents or with a group of your close friends. With online gaming being huge with this generation, Hudson Soft and Bomberman set their sights on the PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Network with Bomberman Ultra.

In essence, Bomberman Ultra plays out in a similar fashion to Bomberman Live, which was released for the Xbox 360 platform back in 2007. For those expecting some type of story element to be included within Bomberman Ultra, they will unfortunately be disappointed. Ultra is all about fast-paced multiplayer action and thatís exactly what you get. This title was designed for any player, regardless of age, to be able to pick up the controller and have fun without worrying about pulling off complex button sequences or devastating combos. With this in mind, Hudson Soft made it possible for up to four players to play locally on one console, and upwards of eight players via online.

Seeing how there is no single-player campaign to speak of within this game, several gameplay features and options were added to spice up the Bomberman experience. First and foremost is the ability to dress up your Bomberman anyway you like. Sure you have your Bomberman running around in his normal garbs, but what if you could dress them up like a pirate, a space man, or even a deadly ninja. All is possible within Bomberman Ultra. As you start out the game, you have access to three outfits, more to become available as you acquire Costume Balls during gameplay.

Beyond customizing your Bomberman, all the levels, rules, and items are customizable as well. Ultra features 14 unique levels, each with their own pros and cons, keeping each and every battle experience intense. To give you an example of situations you might face, the Lost World level contains several quicksand pits and the Ghost Town level features several trap doors. There are also six distinct gameplay modes to choose from, which comes out to a lot of different ways you can experience each and every level within Bomberman Ultra.

Old-school gameplay mechanics combined with modern-age technology has yielded one of the best multiplayer experience you can find on a console or handheld on the market today. With well polished visuals and special effects, solid and dedicated servers and leaderboards, and simply that nostalgic feeling long-time gamers will get form playing Bomberman Ultra make it well work the $10 price tag.


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