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Gaming Evolution
Published By: Hudson Entertainment
Developed By: Hudson Soft
Genre: Action Adventure
Players: 1
Rated: T (Teen)
Release Date: June 9, 2009
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

Why is it that some of the greatest TV shows, especially of the crime genre, were able to captured the minds and hearts of its viewers. From Hill Street Blues to Dragnet and even CHiPs; intense action, engaging stories and sometimes cheesy dialog have developed into memories that viewers around the world will remember for all time. Looking to capitalize on the success of cop dramas, Hudson Soft took several popular staples from TV history in hopes of captivating audiences and leaving a memorable mark on the gaming community. How well does this play out for Hudson Soft, you will have to read on to find out.

The action within Miami Law is broken up into two distinct modes, each having quite a bit of content gamers can spend hours playing. Adventure mode is where the heart of the gameplay lies, which will have main character Miami PD Detective Law Martin exploring various venues. From police stations to dark and dangerous warehouses, Law is searching for the drug dealers that cost the life of his long-time partner. In typical police drama fashion, every cop has a partner that is the complete opposite of them, which is the case with Law Martin and his new partner, FBI agent Sara Starling. Law is all about getting things done no matter what, while Sara is about thinking things through to ensure everything goes according to plan.

The action within the adventure mode is broken down into five distinct cases, all with their own varying twists and turns, resulting in memorable instances and engaging moments. During these five cases, you have active control of Law and/or Sarah, thus allowing gamers to divulge into different aspects of each character and the case before them. While this is a plus for the storytelling mechanic within the game, itís also plays as an issue simply because all conversations within the game is given via on-screen text dialog. Most moments encompass a few lines of dialog back and forth between, whereas there are moments where the dialog can become rather lengthy, resulting in some boring situations. The choice you make with either utilizing Law or Sarah within a case will result in one of many different mini-games, also known as the action mode. Law, being a man of action, will often find himself involved in car chases and/or shootouts, while Sara would seek out puzzle-based ventures.

The mini-game sequences are rendered rather well with smooth 3D animations, making you feel like you are in the moment as oppose to watching it. The in-game music during these mini-games is well put together, adding a bit more excitement to the title. While the mini-games add variety and excitement to the gameplay, initiating them can become a tedious task. Upon arriving at a location, several menu choices become available to choose from. Since you arenít really given any information once you arrive at the location, you often find yourself clicking through the various options in order to figure out what you need to do next. This problem surfaces simply because most of the time you simply forgot what you were told to do or who to speak with at a previous. Another issue with the menu system also comes via the icon choices at the bottom of the screen. None of the icons are listed with names, which result in your scrolling through them in order to find the correct option you need. To put it simply, the lack of simplistic, yet worthwhile menu construct within the game, gamers will often find themselves loosing connection with the story of the game.

Miami Law seems like a great idea on paper, but simply wasnít followed through all the way. The game has an interesting storyline and some nice action sequences, however due to a lackluster in-game menu construct and a lack of variety of mini-games, the title can feel unfulfilling and not worth an additional playthroughs once the game has been completed.


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