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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published By: Playlogic
Developed By: Hydravision Entertainment
Genre: Action Adventure
Players 1-2
Rated: M (Mature)
Release Date: September 2009
Screenshots: Link
Written By: Marcus Prunty

June 12, 2009 - We got at chance at this year’s E3 2009 expo to sit down with Playlogic as they showcased their upcoming action title, Obscure: The Aftermath for the PSP. This is the sequel to the original game titled Obscure, which took place at Leafmore High School, which is a typical American high school and was brought to you by Hydravision Entertainment. It consisted of students who each have distinct skills that helped them to survive the monsters that took over their school. In Obscure: The Aftermath Kenny who survived from the first installment goes to college at Fallcreek University where a strange black flowers pops up all over campus, and as experiments are being run on the flowers a substance is discovered that induces vivid dreams. When the seeds from these flowers germinate the vivid dreams, turn life into a horrible reality as their fellow students began to turn into monsters again.

Obscure: The Aftermath will be like the previous installment in the franchise, and will be an action adventure in which six students will attempt to survive this nightmare. Each student has their own unique skills to help them advance and survive their frightening experience. For example, one of the students is good at puzzles so you will need to do the puzzles in certain sections of the game. There are vast varieties of weapons that you can pick up throughout the game to help defend yourself and kill the monsters. Those monsters are former students and depending on what their phobias are that determines which monster they turn into. For the girls who are obsessed with their weight they turn into fat monsters, and for the promiscuous students they turn into vagina monsters, which as the name hints to attack you with their legs wide open. Another unique feature of this game will be the dialogue, depending on which characters you are using will change when they interact with each other.

The gameplay is two characters at a time, which introduces a unique opportunity for co-op mode in which a second player can join in the game at any time. In addition, when the characters interact with the same items you get different responses and reactions depending on the character you are using. The game has highly detailed and rich 3D environments that look amazing on the PSP. All the character actions and motions are done via motion capture (mocap). There is also a unique save feature in the game you have to find a black flower and touch it to save your place in the game.

The intense action mixed with cheesy college dialog immerses you into this game while attempting to survive. The soundtrack in the game is performed by the Boston String Quartet and the Paris Opera Children’s Choir and can be accessed and played on the PSP when not playing the game. Unlike other games in this genre that have repetitive levels, Obscure: The Aftermath gets more challenging as you play. This game will release in September 2009 simultaneously on UMD and the new PSP Go. The PSP Go version can be downloaded via PSN.

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