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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published By: Capcom
Developed By: Capcom
Genre: Third-Person Action
Players: 1-2 (2-4 online)
Rated: M (Mature)
Release Date: March 13, 2009
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

May 2, 2009 - For more then a decade the Resident Evil franchised has frightened and attracted us to their great games that have created and mastered the survival horror genre. In RE4, the franchise evolved survival horror, and made it lean more towards action adventure. They did this by creating this sense of panic and tension in the gameplay. The player is not sure of what is around the corner, your still trying to survive and make it through the missions to figure out what is going on like in the other games in the franchise. Resident Evil 5 expands on the gameplay of RE4.

In RE5 you control Chris Redfield the former S.T.A.R.S. alpha team member who has now joined the Bio-terrorism Security Assessment Alliance aka BSAA who police the world looking for instances of bioterrorism. Viruses and monsters created by the defunct organization Umbrella that was the evil villain in previous RE games. Chris goes to Kijuju, which is an Africa nation where he learns of a new bio-terror weapon known as Uroboros is being worked on. He gets a partner who a local BSAA agent Sheva Alomar and are both tasked with finding out what is going on and what is infecting the people in the area. They battle through tons of infected villagers, dogs, and Bio Organic Weapons known as BOWs. Towards the end of the game Chris finds out that his old arch nemesis Albert Wesker is behind all the trouble that is happening in Kijuju and that, he is intent on evolving the world through the Uroboros project.

The gameplay did not change much from RE4; you still have the over the camera angle which I have come to love, quick-time events pop up during boss battles and even some cutscenes. These cutscenes are beautiful and shows the upgraded graphics of next-gen consoles. On Higher difficulty levels, these quick-time events can become increasing difficult, as button memorization will not serve you well like in previous games. On higher difficulty levels, the button combinations change if you die so this creates even more tension as you attempt to get the right button in a short amount of time. Resident Evil 5 does not have run and gun gameplay, you have to stop running and aim your weapon still like in previous games. This is problematic in certain situations where the enemies are pouring in upon you and your partner you just want to run and shoot them to get away, by not being able to do that your tension is further increased during these situations. This is what RE5 is about, tension and reaction; those two concepts play a huge role in this game. In instances like the small house on level 1-2 where you have to hold out as waves and waves of infected villagers attack you till some BSAA pilot blow a big gate so you can escape has a lot of tension as your looking behind you and all around cause you get attacked from all sides. The help of having a partner in Sheva keeps the tension that you experience while defending yourself from overwhelming you.

The addition of a partner creates many different scenarios that can take place. You can play with another player using the second controller, as well as you can play online via Playstation Network or Xbox Live. You can play with a complete stranger or another of your friends from around the world who have the game as well, or you can use the AI to play as Sheva and direct it to either attack the enemies or cover you by simply pressing a button. By having the choice of who to play with and where this will vary the experience you have. If you happen to hook up with a friend whose weapons are not as advanced/upgraded as yours are or does not aim well and wastes ammo the gaming might be a bit difficult. When you are playing with another player you cannot pass them big weapons like guns, but can give them ammo, health sprays herbs and other small weapons like grenades. This ability to share with your partners can be done in two different ways.

The first way is before the level begins there is an organization screen where you have nine slots that you can load up with various weapons or health to use in your next level. During this screen, you can pass items to your partner; if your partner is the computer AI, you can pass those weapons like guns as well as ammo and other items. The other place you can trade items to a partner is during actual gameplay. This is essential as you progress through stages your partner may run out of ammo and you have plenty to share to give them. However, another thing the developers added in this game to help up the tension is the item menu screen in game. You can no longer pause the game, look at your items, and swap them with your partner. All item swapping is in game, the screen pops up showing both the items you have and which slots there in as well as what your partner has and what slots their items are in. This is where the tension comes in, as your swapping items in game any enemy that is nearby can attack you and you cannot defend yourself while swapping items, both you and your partner are vulnerable in these instances. Therefore, your best bet when swapping items with a partner is to do it in a safe area or do it once you have beaten the enemies back or run away to an area where they cannot get to you right away and you can easily swap without worry of attack. Another method that can be used to help swapping items is to put weapons, ammo, or health on the quick launch buttons, which in your inventory are the up, down, left, right spots in your inventory screen. That way when you are in game you can just press up and say machine gun ammo is in that spot you will get the option to give to your partner or use that item yourself.

Your partner whether it is the computer or another player can pass items to you much the same way, when playing with the computer AI, you can ask for ammo and they will give it to you if they have it. If you have the other character setup to cover they will shoot when something threatens to attack you, and if you the other character on attack they will seek out the enemies and kill them by running ahead of you to clear out the area. I will admit I did not understand how to swap them out until I was almost towards the end of the game my first play through. Once you upgrade your weapons and beat the game once you now have the ability to purchase unlimited ammo for all fully upgradeable weapons by using the points you earn when you pass each level. When you have unlimited ammo you can do like I did and give Sheva a machine gun with unlimited ammo and put her on attack mode and let her go crazy lol, makes passing levels a lot easier when you donít have to worry about reloading or finding ammo so you can use your favorite weapons.

There are tons of trophies or achievements in this game, maxing out the weapons is a trophy, getting all BSAA symbols, passing each level gets you another trophy. I played through the game for over 70 hours and was able to get all in game trophies. There is also downloadable content that is available and with that comes more trophies or achievements that you can get. Just another plus when it comes to having this game, also if you have a PS3 like I do, when you play enough of this game you unlock features in Playstation Home like figurines for your house, and a treasure chest. The game can be beaten on amateur in about 12-14 hours for the first time play through. However, once you master the layout of the levels and know where to go and what to do and have the appropriated upgraded weapon you can run through the game in under 5 hours, which will give you a huge bonus that makes the game way easier to defeat.

All these bonuses coupled with the gameplay, the new in game item swapping method as well the ability to play with old friends and even make new friends via the online mode makes this game a new intense experience where surviving with your partner is key to finding out whatís going on in Kijuju. This game is a must have for all Resident Evil fans, there is tons of replayability in this game with the 4 different difficulty levels, the Downloadable content that you can get and the return of Mercenaries mode makes this game incredible. The graphics and sound design are superb, you can look at the faces of Chris and Sheva and you can tell that next-gen is miles ahead of the previous generation. As I write this review, I am still playing this game helping friends collect trophies and defeat the game on the higher difficulty levels. If you are a die-hard player, the Professional level will shows you that they do not use the word Professional loosely. Go out and rent or buy this game because it is an experience you will enjoy.


Other Review Scores:
TestFreaks: 7.5/10
GameZone: 8.9/10
GamesRadar: 9/10

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