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Published By: Kuju Entertainment
Developed By: Doublesix
Genre: Action
Players: 1-2
Rated: M (Mature)
Release Date: March 26, 2009
Screenshots: Link
Price: $9.99
Written By: Matthew Prunty

April 23, 2009 - Itís no secret that Sony and Microsoft are both trying to work their magic to secure exclusive titles for their respective consoles, whether they be retail released on via their online marketplaces. In trying to get more 3rd party love for the PSN (PlayStation Network), Sony announced an initiative, which would have the Sony matching the dev cost of the respective title as long as the game stayed exclusive to the PlayStation 3 console. To show off how effective this new initiative is, Sony announced this plan alongside the release of Burn Zombie Burn! on PSN. Unlike past titles released on PSN, this is the first title to take advantage of Sonyís new initiative.

Burn Zombie Burn! sports a very involved, yet intuitive control scheme that lends itself quite well to the action on the screen. Shooting and character movement are both controlled via the tag-team work of the left analog-stick and either the X or R1 buttons. The left shoulder buttons; L1 and L2, are used auto-targeting your enemies and for strafing purposes. Due to the difficulty this title possesses, utilizing both auto-targeting and strafing is key to your survival and advancing through the game. The square button allows Bruce to use his mighty foot to kick almost anything that drops to the ground, including TNT that may be dropped by an enemy. In regards to Triangle and Circle, they complement one another. Triangle is used to drop TNT, which can be remote detonated by pressing the Circle button. The final button of use is R2, which lends itself quite well to the title of the game. When Bruce has a torch handy, by holding down R2, you can proceed to run through a mob of zombies, lighting them on fire.

Becoming very familiar with the control scheme is essential to bringing death and destruction to the countless hordes of enemies coming your Bruceís way. While simplistic in game design in comparison with other zombie-filled titles, Burn Zombie Burn! actually utilizes some well designed A.I., which makes the overall gaming experience very challenging, yet rewarding. A prime example of this is when you light the zombies on fire with Bruceís handy torch. Once the zombies are fire, the fire spreads to all nearby enemies, which increases the speed and danger that the zombies possessed. Factoring the tasked befallen individuals who are looking to acquire all the trophies within the game, dedication and some sort of strategy are key to Bruceís survival.

One thing about Burn Zombie Burn! you must question is do zombies shoplift? The reason why I ask is because as you kill off hordes of these enemies, they seem to drop random items which can be utilized for your benefit. These dropped items include TNT, machine guns, shotguns and even baseball bats. While all these weapons work quite well on the battlefield, the most fun is had via the baseball. Simply pressing the X buttons will have you swinging the bat left and right seemingly hitting anything and everything that comes in your way. While you may not be able to score a homerun, you can deliver a mighty blow to the zombie coalition.

All the action within Burn Zombie Burn! is spread across 6 levels and three gameplay modes within Arcade mode: Free Play, Timed and Protect Daisy. If this isnít enough to wet your whistle, there are an additional ten challenges which will put your hand-eye coordination and skills to the test. Rounding out the modes is Tutorial, which gives you the lowdown on how to play the game and how to stay alive. Knowing Doublesixís history and downloadable games via the PlayStation network, Iím sure we can bet on some DLC in the near future to enhance this action packed title even more.

For a game with a downloadable size of 165MB, Burn Zombie Burn! boast some rather detailed and visually pleasing graphics. The visuals come to life in a native 1080p setting with a solid framerate, which can withstand more than a 100 enemies on the screen at once without slowing down. If you jump into the multiplayer mode, the action turns into split-screen, while still retaining all of its beauty from the single player campaign. The character animations are rather fluid and comical at times. To work alongside the impressive visuals, the music is very solid and fits the atmosphere of the game quite well. The sound effects from the weapons and the mouths of the zombies are quirky and weird (in a good way).

The PlayStation Network has seen an upwave of quality titles grace the online network, with Burn Zombie Burn! being the highly of the ĎSpring Feverí bunch. With intense and intuitive gameplay mechanics, a solid A.I. and all around visually pleasing experience, Burn Zombie Burn! is another must have title for Ps3 owners.


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