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Published By: SCEA
Developed By: Insomniac Games
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Players: 1-60
Rated: M (Mature)
Release Date: November 4, 2008
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

It’s no secret that Insomniac Games is one of the best developers within the industry. Whether it’s Ratchet & Clank, or their Resistance franchise, they have help to redefine the next-generation of gaming by going bigger and badder than ever. When Resistance: Fall of Man first launched the PlayStation 3 console, gamers around the world stood up and paid attention to the shier depth and creativity behind this title, which resulted on more than 3.5 million copies being sold worldwide. Almost two years later, Insomniac Games is at it once more with the release of Resistance 2, which takes the action, landscape, and the shier magnitude of the fps genre to new heights.

Just from the opening sequence within Resistance 2, you can easily see that Insomniac Games wasn’t playing around when they were trying to set out to creative the grandest and most immersible experience. The opening sequence alone had me in awe just by tracking through the lush and immersible landscape, while a towering robot stands above blast enemies (namely us) in the far distance. While some may argue that the lush environments are the true highlight of Resistance 2, the action sequences are the ones that stand out the most within the game. The story that plays out within the single-player campaign is pretty straightforward, though there are Intel documents you can gather along the way, which give you additional information as the past events and events to come. There are also some instances where you listen to a radioman giving vivid descriptions of the horror that’s taking place within our cities across the nation, which aid in creating a sense of despair and heartache.

The further you get into the single-player campaign; you will come to realizes that you can’t simply stroll through any area without a bit of concern for potential attacks from the Chimera. The entire single-player campaign can be looked at as a “rollercoaster ride” in the since that one minute you are fighting hordes of Chimera simply to advance to the next locale, the next you are walking through a forest which is quite, only to be attacked from behind by an invisible creature. Resistance 2 isn’t a game to play for someone who has never played a single first-person shooter. While you can get into the swing of things, the shier onslaught of Chimera attacks, titans, and giant building-size monsters, you can easily get intimidated. This game requires a bit of patience, alongside lots of accuracy and determination in order to keep Nathan Hale alive long enough to see the end.

A staple in FPS titles today is the ability to regenerate health once out of the way of gun fire. This holds true with Resistance 2, and is something that will have to be done quite a bit to stay alive. This tactic will come into play when immersed in grand battles with hordes of Chimera, or when battling larger than life enemies. To aid in your quest to rid the earth of the evil Chimera, Nathan Hale will have is pick of 12 distinct guns throughout the game. The variety of weapons range from a seemingly innocent .44 Magnum, which can shoot bullets that double as remote-detonated explosives, to a fan favorite like the workhorse M5A2 Carbine, to a shoulder cannon rocket launcher. Unlike games like Call of Duty, a since of realism isn’t given to the weapons, which allows for creative destruction on the battlefield. Not stopping with the guns, you also have a nice arsenal of grenades, which include a spiky hedgehog, which definitely comes in handy with far away enemies, as well as when several different enemies are trying to attack you at once, buying you some time to switch weapons.

Depending on your skill level; you should be able to clear the single-player campaign within 10-12 hours. While this mode is very fulfilling, by taking the action online, you get to experience yet another immersive factor as to why Resistance 2 is a must have for PlayStation 3 owners. While playing online, you can set an 8-player co-op game where you fight through hordes upon hordes of Chimera in order to complete set objectives. Within this mode, every player has his or her choice of classes, which include the Medics, the Special Ops, and the Soldier. The Medic has the ability to drain enemy health and redistribute it to fellow teammates. The Special Ops player is the means of ammunition refills for fellow teammates and the Soldier has the ability to wield a Gatling gun, which can fire off a shield protecting fellow teammates and killing Chimera in the process. Each class has its own distinct weaponry, which has its own way of aiding the battle sequence.

As you complete missions within the co-op mode, your player will gain experience and currency, which will eventually aid them in obtaining some powerful enhancements, which can make the battle sequences even crazier. These powerful enhancements include new weaponry, special abilities and stat-enhancing gear. All the multiplayer maps are taken from sequences within the single-player campaign, which aids in the familiarity of them, which also being expanded to allow for several different missions on one map, which giving the Chimera interesting ways of attacking from all sides. This mode is definitely for those individuals who know it’s all about the team effort and not about the “every man for himself” approach.

Finally, the crim de la crim of online experiences, the ability for 60 players to battle it out in one of several different modes. The modes include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, and of course…Skirmish. While each player will eventually grow to love one of these modes, my favorite has to be Skirmish simply because players are broken down into squads, with each squad having set objectives that must be met on the battlefield. What also makes this mode more interesting is that new objectives will be given out on the fly, which can make the balance of power within the battle switch hands very quickly. Each weapon and ability that’s available within the single-player campaign are available from the get go in Skirmish, which keeps the action intense and everyone on the edge of their seats.

Insomniac Games via Resistance 2 have proven that the first-person shooting genre is only as big as is your creative mind. This blu-ray disc basically features three games (Resistance, Left for Dead, and SOCOM: Confrontation) all in one, but everything amped up the next level. For those who haven’t picked up this title, there is no reason not to when you have lush and immersible environments, over the top battle sequences and bosses, diverse roster of weapons, and a kick-ass protagonist that knows how to throw down.


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TestFreaks: 9.4/10
GameZone: 9/10
GamesRadar: 9/10

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