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Published By: NIS America
Developed By: NIS America
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Rated: Teen (Teen)
Release Date: February 17, 2009
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

The Disgaea series has brought several memorable characters, all of which god or bad, left a lasting impression on you. Throughout the series, the leading role was always given to an individual who had the "It" factor, which resulted in an intense adventure time and time again. This time, NIS America has decided to put their support in the one individual that seem to never be able to keep himself from dying. This individual is I am referring to is Prinny and he has an all new adventure known as "Can I Really Be the Hero?"

Unlike the turn-based strategy games of the Disgaea series, Prinny is set for action in his own unique side-scrolling action title. What makes 'Can I Really Be the Hero?' a unique experience is the fact that the main character isn't our typical hero who can take on damage, while growing stronger and inflicting damage upon his foes. With Prinny, there is only one hit point, and of course if you are hit, then its game over. However, making things interesting, the developers have decided to give you control of more than 1,000 Prinnies.

Continuing along the humorous stories of the Disgaea series, Can I Really Be the Hero? revolves around you finding out who stole Etna's tasty dessert and returning it too its rightful owner. If I never played any of the games from the Disgaea series, I would be hard to believe the plot of the story. Before you begin any stage, you start off within a home base, which acts as a information hub for your progress throughout the game. Just like within the Disgaea series, you have a blend of 3D backdrops and 2D sprites. Judging from the preview build, this games makes wonderful use the psp's tit screen. All colors are enriched and the backdrops, along with the sprites are nicely detailed.

Within the game, any active Prinny has several abilities at his disposal. These abilities include running, jumping, slash-attacks and the ability throw himself (a look-alike Prinny) at an enemy foe to cause explosive damage. Don't worry about running our of Prinnies so long as you are able to complete the level you playing. Bosses also play a role within this game, and breaking up the intense and humorous action. to describe the various bosses, NIS describes them as "idiots who are looking for trouble". I don't know about you, but those are my type of enemies.

While we have to wait another month before this title is released on the PSP, the handheld owners can rejoice in knowing the this title wont skimp on features. Gamers will about to utilize wireless connectivity in order to send and receive play sessions, as well as download future dlc content. While this is the Prinnies first step towards a solo career, this step gets them one more closer to being immortalized with the pages of videogame history.

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