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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published By: Warner Bros. Interactive
Developed By: Traveller's Tales
Genre: Action
Players: 1-2
Rated: E10 (Everyone 10 and Up)
Release Date: September 23, 2008
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

Travellerís Tales is back once again with another LEGO game for our enjoyment. However this time there not hooking up with LucasArts, they are now hooking up with DC comics and Warner Bros. and bringing the Batman franchise to the LEGO world. There have been several Batman movies, television shows and comic books for Travellerís Tales to draw inspiration from to create this game. If you enjoyed the LEGO Star Wars games and the LEGO Indiana Jones game you will love this one as well. The controls are the same and itís also still a free for all when it comes to collecting studs. Almost everything is destructible like in previous games from Travellerís Tales. However unlike LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indiana Jones, LEGO Batman doesnít follow the story of the movie with the same name.

LEGO Batman is a game with a unique story that allows you to play the first half of the game as the heroes Batman and his boy wonder Robin as they attempt to foil the villains such as the Joker, the Riddler, Catwoman, Mr. Freeze, the Penguin, and many others. In the second half of the game you can play as the very villains that you foiled in the first half, where you get to play the story from their point of view. Youíre the Joker or the Riddler, and youíre committing the crimes that Batman and Robin had stopped you from doing earlier in the game.

The gameplay in LEGO Batman has puzzles that you must solve just like in other installments of the LEGO franchise, where using the other character is integral to not getting stuck on a certain part of a level. You still have the feature of a second player joining you to play as well as when there done playing they can drop out at anytime. This time around Travellerís Tales has given Batman and Robin many different suits that they need for certain points on the many different levels of the game. Batman has a glide suit that allows him to glide to points you canít reach by jumping, his sonic suit that shatters glass, and his demolition suit that allows u to lay bombs down to destroy things, the heat protection suit which allows him to go in hot areas that are in red on the levels. Robin suits are magnet suit which he has magnets on the bottom of his shoes that allow him to walk up metal surfaces, the water suit which allows him to dive under the water, the technology suit which allows him to activate tech panels in the game, and his attract suit which allows him to pick up LEGO pieces to use in an attracto canister to activate a secret. The villains are not without their specialness some of them like Mr. Freeze have super strength, while some like the Riddler, and the Scarecrow have mind control abilities.

Freeplay is still a very important part of getting a 100 percent in the game, if you just play straight through without returning to any stage you will get around 60-70% of the game complete. So playing the stages again with the players you have unlocked will allow you to find all the secrets that you missed during story mode. For an example during the hero story mode to get one of the red power bricks you need the Jokerís hand buzzer to activate a switch but in order to use the Joker you have to play through the hero story more and unlock the Joker that way you can go back to that stage and get that power brick. The control scheme of the game is still the same, and in this game you get to drive the batmobile, the bat boat that can turn into the batsub, the batplane as well as many other vehicles that are associated with the different characters.

This games unique story brings a new type of fun to the LEGO universe that youíre not use to. Since youíre allowed to play as the villains in the second half of the game you get to have a lot of fun being destructive and evil. In the other LEGO games you can be the bad guy but only to the point of solving puzzles, whereas in this game you get whole levels where you are destructive and are committing crimes. The graphics in this game will provide all the Batman fans with nostalgia as they see the many backdrops of Gotham City that have come to love from the franchise. For the hero story you get to choose your levels from the Batcave and use the Batcomputer, and when youíre playing as the villains you are choosing your levels from Arkham Asylum. There is the still the stud grabfest of all the other games, as well as the unlockables such as invincibility, the multipliers, fast build and stud magnets. These positives make for a good game but Travellerís Tales still has a couple of negatives that I would like them to fix for whatever their next game is going to be. The first one is the camera, good god after 2 successful games they still havenít fixed it. The camera still gets in the way and ruins the perspective you have when youíre attempting to make a jump.

In addition, there is another glitch that I noticed more in this game then I did in the other games and that is the ability to be stuck. Sometimes you will jump and land and get stuck between a plant and a wall or something and it takes a bit for you to get unstuck usually you have to tag out to the other character to get unstuck. My last negative is not so much a negative but more of something I want them to improve on and that is difficulty. While I understand these games are meant to be fun and family oriented, I would like the puzzles and the overall gameplay to be a little more difficult, this game was a tad bit easier then the other LEGO games. Overall, the experience was as great as the other games from Travellerís Tales, and I suggest that if you played the other games that you get this one and add it to your collection because you will truly enjoy this game.


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