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Published By: Electronic Arts
Developed By: EA Redwood Shores
Genre: Survival Horror
Players: 1
Rated: M (Mature)
Release Date: October 14, 2008
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

PS3 version can be found here...

When you look at the nature of gore with video-games, we have pretty much seen everything that can be done. Or so we thought until EA announced the development of an epic horror title taking place within space. While a new concept for the most part in videogames, it has already been done within the movie realm. For those movie buffs out there, if you have seen the movie Event Horizon, then you know the basics behind Dead Space. Is it an exact remake of the movie, no; however there is a strong basing of the movie within the game. So the question of whether EA could pull this title off perfectly, while aiding in the recreation their overall image is upon us, so read on to find out more about this venture.

In Dead Space, you take on the role of a space engineer by the name of Isaac Clarke. You have been sent out to aid in repairing the mining vessel USG Ishimura, which has mysteriously gone quiet. One he boards the Ishimura, he relies that he's in a worldwind of trouble. All the crew is dead and the ship is overrun by hordes of alien creatures. While trying to stay alive and uncovering the past events of the Ishimura, Isaac will come across several audio memos, video logs, and graffiti, all of which gives some idea of what transpired prior to him boarding the ship.

As you delve deeper into Dead Space, you come to realize that the game is rather linear and holds you hand through various puzzles and missions. Not to say that the added help isn't wanted, but when you walk into a room with an obvious hazard to your character's life, there isn't a real need for your omniscient helper-buddy to inform you of situations you an obviously see. Another issue I noticed with the game was the fact that every mission you embarked on required you to either locate a certain item or fix this and that throughout the ship. Not saying that itís bad, but after awhile, you kind of long for something different.

I'm sure those who haven't played the game are wondering what types of weapons are utilized within the game. For those longing for destructive guns, will probably want to look towards Gears of War 2 or Resistance 2. All the weapons that Isaac Clarke utilize are simple, yet effective mining tools. The weapons range from a powerful laser cutter, to a devastating flamethrower. Unlike violent action games like Resident Evil or Bioshock, you must strategically dismember your enemies in order to defeat them. Cut off there legs, they will continue to come at you by crawling on the ground. Cut off their arms, they will still advance at you trying bite you or stab you with something.

For those who think this game is all about shooting and less about survival horror have another thing coming. Save points, ammo and even health items are rare items spread throughout the ship, forcing you rely heavily on your attack actions and knowing when and where to strike an enemy to defeat them as quick as possible. All in all, the gameplay is a solid experience that would be enjoyed by all looking for a good scare and a lot of non-top action, mixed with some Zero G's.

Dead Space provides some unique environments with the massive USG Ishimura, especially within the room of zero gravity. You can definitely tell that EA Redwood Shores spent a lot of time polishing the gameplay engine and overall visual presentation to produce and immersive experience both physically and visually. While the corridors seem rather bland and similar to one another, the actual rooms where various puzzles and battles take place are grand in size and distinct in visuals. The character models and the environments themselves are highly detailed. The best part of the visuals would have to be the dismembering of the creatures and the blood splattering everywhere. Also the intuitive in-game menu, which allows you to access weapons, stats, information, etc. Between the Xbox 360 and the PS3 versions of the game, there isn't much of a visual difference. Both have solid framerates, being designed to take advantage of each console's strengths.

Sound also plays an important factor in your interaction with the game by helping to cultivate an inescapable feeling of looming danger. I found it rather exhilarating hearing my own footsteps while trying to sneak through various corridors. Sound effects from utilizing the various weapons are distinct and realistic for the most part.

While not unique in its own right, Electronic Arts has scored yet another victory with the development and release of Dead Space. With non-stop carnage, fluid and highly detailed environments and character models, and solid gameplay mechanics, Dead Space is an experience that will be both fun and scary at the same time.


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