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Published By: Vivendi Games
Developed By: High Moon Studios
Genre: Third-Person Action Adventure
Players: 1
Rated: T (Teen)
Release Date: June 3, 2008
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

Robert Ludlum's Bourne franchise several books and three blockbuster movies that stared Matt Damon as Jason Bourne looking to find out who he is, while at the same time rectifying the actions of his government and kicking some ass. With the latest project, The Bourne Conspiracy, we placed back within the realm of the first movie, The Bourne Identity, where you trying to find out who is Jason Bourne, while mixing in elements from the latter movies and books. To top it off, Matt Damon doesn't reprise his role for the game.

Playing as Jason Bourne, you go on a search of your past and who you are. Along the way, you engage in some ass kicking fights, which take the shape of one of three different styles. The action is broken down into a few QuickTime events, martial-arts battles and a little gun fire to boot. Each style of fighting has its plus and minuses, but as a whole, the fighting system is pretty solid. With wielding a weapon, you can unload clip after clip of bullets into your enemies via the run and shooting style, or simply duck behind some cover and wait for an open opportunity to put a bullet in between the eyes. The run and shooting style works once in awhile, but itís a quick way to be killed, especially if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Hand-to-hand combat mirror's the fast-paced action that the movies are known for. If an enemy runs up to Bourne, whether armed or un-armed, the two will engage into one-on-one fight filled with devastating takedowns and martial-arts movies. The takedowns are an intriguing feature within the combat scheme because you are able to utilize your surroundings in the hopes of pummeling your foe to death. Useful items you come across include concrete pillars and even book cases. Taking action to the next level, if you are able to charge up your adrenaline meter to maximum, you will be able to attack up to three foes at a single time within what seems like a fluid motion.

While I can honestly say that the combat system is the best structure within the game, itís not without its small hiccups. Though not that big of an issue, not being able to run up to armed foes to engage them in hand-to-hand combat; however they are able to performing these feet on you, is frustrating at times. Another issue is the repetition that comes about via the combat system. Just basing this game off the first movie, there are tons of fighting maneuvers hat could have been incorporated into Bourneís combat arsenal, however the developers seem keep on a set number of movies to keep the action simplified, but effective.

QuickTime events usually arenít loved by gamers because they feel itís an easy way for the developers to get out of developing actually fight parameters for that same sequence. However, within The Bourne Conspiracy, they actually prove very useful, especially when dealing with bosses and trying to avoid sniper fire. Boss battles feature very talented brawlers that Bourne must defeat by any means necessary. Since these battles are very immersive, this is the perfect opportunity to test out the various takedown measure that Bourne is capable of. All in all, the combat system isn't perfect, but it does pull of the realistic nature that made the movies great.

The one feature that I was heartbroken about was the lack of driving based missions within the game. The was one level in which you must evade the Paris police within a Mini Cooper (a la the movie), but considering videogames based on movies are all about expanding on the ideals and stroy of the movie, High Moon Studios could of done a bit more with this feature. Another area that could of been fin tuned a bit more are the visuals. There is a solid visual representation within the game, however there are several areas where the development team could of stepped up to make the backdrops seem more realistic than blan representatons of their movie counterparts.

For what it's worth, The Bourne Conspiracy is a solid attempt at re-creating the 'The Bourne' experiene for gamers. This title definitely could of spent a few more months within the developmental cycle, fine tuning features and expanding on the story-based gameplay mechanics. Overall, fans of the series may feel a little shorted with this game, but it does give newcomers to the series a pleasant introduction to the series.


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