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Published by: LucasArts
Developed by: Traveller's Tales
Genre: Adventure
Players: 1-2
Rated: E10 (Everyone 10 and up)
Release Date: June 3, 2008
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Written By: Marcus Prunty

Once again Travellerís Tales is back with another major hookup with LucasArts. This time they take on the epic Indiana Jones Saga that George Lucas built into a very successful franchise in the movie industry. LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures takes on the task of bringing the first three original films into this game. If you enjoyed the LEGO Star Wars games you will love this one as well. The controls are the same and itís also still a free for all when it comes to collecting studs. Almost everything is destructible like in previous games from Travellerís Tales and LucasArts.

The gameplay in LEGO Indiana Jones entails a little more puzzle solving then the other games. Where using the other character is integral to not getting stuck on a certain part of a level. Like in the other games, levels have been tweaked or added so they donít totally resemble the ones from the movies. On Raiders of the Lost Ark level after rescuing Marion from her bar, you have to make it across a snow ridge that uses the co-op very well to advance in the game.

Since Indiana Jones isnít a Jedi he doesnít have force powers that you have gotten use to in the past. But he makes great use of his whip. He swings across the screen as well as latches on to objects to grab them. The use of the other characters to open certain doors and aspects of the game is brought back. So it makes returning to a stage in free play to get everything that you missed during story mode another great way of extending the play time of the game. Some of the different character groups that Travellerís Tales put into this game are Thugees which are the members of the cult in Temple of Doom that take over all of the children and make them work in the mines. They activate these cool looking statues of Kali that open secret areas you couldnít get to during story mode.

There are also characters that read the hieroglyphs on the walls those open secret areas that you couldnít get to without them; Elsa, Dr Henry Jones Sr., and Marcus are some of the characters that can do this. Then there are the helper characters that have either shovels or wrenches. The ones with the shovels help dig up treasure or items you need to get past a certain section. While the characters with the wrenches are the ones that repair vehicles, and other machinery so you can use it.

The game also has some of the items that other characters have that you need to advance lying around the stage so keep your eyes peel. Sometimes you just have Indy and maybe Elsa or Short Round, and you need to dig up an item or repair a vehicle. If you look some of the stages have shovels or wrenches laying around so pick them up because you might need them later on in the stage. You can even read hieroglyphs as long as you can find a book somewhere to decipher them. But if you canít find any of these things lying around you will be able to comeback during free play and tackle the things you miss and access those secret areas.

Since the characters in the whole LEGO universe donít speak Travellerís Tales did something unique with the LEGO Indiana Jones characters. He took the fears that some of them expressed in the movies and applied them to some of the characters in the games. For example we all know Indiana Jones hates snakes, so when youíre on a level where snakes are soon as he gets close to them he starts cowering and shaking with fear. So you have to use the other character to finish a puzzle or clear the snakes out for Indy so he can move past. Willie from Temple of Doom is also scared of spiders as well as rats, so you have to do the same thing figure out how to get past the section without her or help her get past that part of the game. Another improvement that I liked was the use of vehicles. The controls were way better in this game then in the LEGO Star Wars which makes those stages very fun. In the Last Crusade when youíre escaping with Indy and his father youíre riding motorcycles and attacking Nazi soldiers while trying to escape. Without improved controls this stage could have been really frustrating but instead itís really fun.

There is also another shift in LEGO Star Wars you have to find red bricks to get the extras like multipliers, invincibility, or regenerate hearts, In LEGO Indiana Jones you have red mail boxes and packages that you have called parcels that you have to find and put in the mail boxes. Some stages you have to build the mailboxes so you can mail the parcels. This makes thing a little more complicated then just grabbing the red power bricks. It makes you think how do I get this parcel up to that mail box, or even where is the mail box I found the parcel. Some of which you canít get to in story mode so you have to come back and do it in free play.

This game is pretty amazing but there are frustrating moments just like in the LEGO Star Wars games. One of the ones in Lego Indy is the lack of weapons. Most of the time you have to go hand to hand with the enemies which isnít that bad in it but can be frustrating when thereís like 5 or more enemies around trying to attack you. You can pick up the enemies weapons after you defeat them but their guns only last for a few shots before they turn red and you lose them, so when you can get your hands on one of their weapons use it sparingly. This is only a problem in story mode, because in free play you will get characters that have guns already so you wonít have to worry so much about losing those. The camera is another source of frustration now for the most part it wonít hinder you, but like in LEGO Star Wars there are a few occasions where the angle is bad and itís hard to judge jumps. The sound isnít on par with the LEGO Star Wars games but it provides you enough of the tracks from the movies that give you that nostalgic feeling of the movies.

While Travellerís Tales still hasnít fixed some of these issues that were a problem in the LEGO Star Wars series, they donít take away from the gameplay enough for you not to want to play this game and not to just love it. If your fans of the movies I really suggest you pick up this title and give it a try, cause when it comes to recreating movies into video game experiences Travellerís Tales has it down pat.


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