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Game Boy Micro


Matthew Prunty

At one point, it was rumored that Nintendo would be revealing another Game Boy Advance, just much sleeker and more compact. The was also talk about Nintendo unveiling their next Game Boy handheld in order to compete directly with Sony and their PSP, since the DS is meant for a whole new gaming experience and not to compete with the PSP.

Game Boy Micro

At Nintendo’s press conference, Reggie Fils-Aime (Nintendo Executive Vice-President of Sales and Marketing) unveiled the Game Boy Micro as another addition into Nintendo’s handheld family. Sitting at a smashing 4 inches wide, 2 inches tall and 0.7 inches deep, the GBM is the world’s most portable handheld system ever created, sorry N-Gage QD. And for those who think that the compact size will prevent you from playing for Game Boy games, you are wrong. The GBM is fully compatible with all Game Boy and Game Boy Advance titles currently on the market, and that are planned for future releases.

The GBM features all the abilities of the Game Boy Advance SP, plus more. Instead of using the proprietary headphone jack like with the GBASP, Nintendo opted to include a standard headphone jack, allowing gamers to use their headphones from their mp3 players, cd players, etc. They also included a EXT port on the top of the micro handheld, right between the ‘L’ and ‘R’ buttons. This port will be used to charge the lithium battery within the GMB and to allow for multiplayer gaming via link cable (which is being developed as we speak).

Gamy Boy Micro 2

Now lets talk about the front of the Game Boy Micro. The LCD screen built into the unit is smaller than the GBA/GBASP, but has the clarity and brightness of the Nintendo DS. Due to the improvement within the screen technology, title’s look more lively (in terms of light and color), and even allows you to read the text within certain titles more clearly, even with a smaller screen. As far as the directional pad and action buttons, they have been redesign to give a more comfortable gaming experience.

The GBM is a sleek and sexy machine that gamers should enjoy. Since it brings back the days of the original Game Boy in the since that the handheld is wider, allowing for a more comfortable gaming experience on the hands. At the current moment, Nintendo hasn’t given a final release date for the handheld, but we can expect it to launch in Fall of 2005 (this year, woohoo!!!).

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