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Published By: Atari
Developed By: Dimps
Genre: Fighting
Players: 1-2
Rated: T (Teen)
Release Date: June 10, 2008
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

There is no denying the shear popularity and driving force behind the Dragon Ball Z franchise and its games. With the latest installment, Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit making its debut on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, The action within DBZ is taken to new depths and shows us that the developer Dimps knows how to recreate a true masterpiece. With an in-depth story mode and a solid roster of characters, fans and newcomers will have plenty to experience within this action-packed title.

Once you kick start this title, you will realize that you have to work your butt off in order to collect all 21 fighters within the game. The game starts you out with only three fighters and you must progress through the Z-Chronicles (story mode) in order to acquire the other 18 combatants. Some may ask why only start off with three fighters and the reason for that is within Z-Chronicles, players are taken through the Saiyan, Frieza, and Cell sagas of the anime, and it all begins with only three fighters (Piccolo, Goku, and Raditz). Throughout the Z-Chronicles you will have the ability to recreate some of the most memorable moments with the Dragon Ball Z franchise, while giving newcomers to the franchise a brief summary of the anime.

As you battle through more than 50 fighters within the Z-Chronicles mode the first time through, you will acquire most of the meat of Burst Limit. One of the features you unlock are considered ďdrama piecesĒ, which are cutscenes that take place during battles that can benefit one of the combatants within the fight. These drama pieces range from a fellow combatant throwing you a sensu bean (which will help you regain health), or having a helping hand in afflicting damage on your opponent. While previous DBZ titles tried to follow the course of the anime, this is the first game to actually achieve that level of success. However, you donít get commercials during fights or the popular saying just when the fight is heating up ÖĒNext time on Dragon Ball ZÖĒ. All in all, for those new to the series, they will get an understanding of why DBZ fans love the anime and video games so much; that is if they can keep up with the roster of characters and the various battles and rivalries to pop up.

Besides competing within the Z-Chronicles mode, you can choose to battle a friend via the Versus mode, one of three different trial modes or simply just jump into the training mode to hone your skills. Within Survival mode, you must do battle against 100 fighters, one replacing the other upon defeat. In Time Attack mode, you are required to defeat a group of 10 fighters as quickly as possible. Within Battle Point mode, you acquire points based on different movies and combos you utilize within a fighter.

Burst Limit is no slouch when it comes to its visuals. For fans of the series, they will interpret this game as coming straight from the anime itself. The character designs, body movements and special abilities resemble those of the action anime. And just like the anime, the battle can really get intense, with you and your opponent doing battle on the group or in the air at high speeds. The one area that didnít live up to the anime was the backdrops. Iíll admit there were some bland backdrops within the anime, but when you compare the anime to Burst Limit, you can easily see that not much effort was put into the rocky terrain, or the city backdrops to help with the nostalgic factor. If you take a step back and look at the overall picture, the visuals are pretty solid and help recreate the DBZ experience.

While the visuals will easily appeal to veterans and newcomers, the upbeat soundtrack wonít be appreciated by all. And this is where the Xbox 360 comes into play with its custom soundtracks. Iím not saying that the soundtrack is horrible, merely that not everyone will like the choice in music, but those who enjoyed the series may find a reason to utilize it. The voice acting is pretty solid within the game, offering up both English and Japanese dialog. The only issue with the voice acting is that the lip-syncing was only done with the Japanese voices, so for those experiencing the action with the English dialog, you will know why their mouths donít emit the speech that you hear.

When tackling this game, Iím sure there will be people who are thrown off by the fact that every single button on the PS3 and Xbox 360 controller is utilized, some having multiple functions. However, unlike fighting games like Tekken or Virtua Fighter, the controls are rather simply once you learn their purpose within a fight. And because of this, Dimps included a tutorial, which will help newcomers learn the art of fighting, which can be applied to any of the 21 fighters, while at the same time allowing season veterans hone their skills, thus giving the computer and player opponents a run for their money. The only area of practice that really needs to take place through the tutorial is learning how to time your attacks, as well as the timing of your opponentís attacks in order to dodge them or simply block them.

On the surface, Burst Limit looks to be very shallow, however once you start playing the game, especially the Z-Chronicles mode, you can clearly see that this is the most in-depth fighting game that Atari has released under the Dragon Ball Z name. Couple the depth with impressive visuals and immersive backdrops and soundtrack, and you got the best DBZ experience you could possibly play on any console. Online play is ok for the most part. There are moments where there seems to be a lag in the gameplay, once being disconnected from the internet. All in all, the online feature does what it was designed to do, allow you to beat up on your friends and people who you donít even know.


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