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Published By: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed By: Sony Computer Entertainment
Genre: Music
Rated: T (Teen)
Players: 1-2
Release Date: March 18, 2008
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

Next to Hip-hop/Rap and Rock, pop music is the biggest genre of music, which encompasses all walks of people from around the world. So what better way to unite everyone than a good ole round of karaoke through Sony’s franchise, SingStar? Within there latest release, SingStar ‘90s, Sony takes some of the hottest tunes to be blasted on the radio during the 90s and compacts them into one swell bundle of tunes that will make your head spin. While I am sure we have all heard these tunes at one point, some may want to know how they play out within the latest installment of the SingStar franchise.

There is no question that here in the states, people do karaoke for the fun of it, while in other countries, karaoke is taken seriously. This is probably why over in Europe, this franchise has garnered critical acclaim, while in the U.S.; the franchise still hasn’t caught on in a big way. For those who have experience the previous installments of SingStar for the PlayStation 2 console, the only thing that’s new this time around are a new collection of songs and several medleys to diversify the gameplay mechanics. With newcomers to the franchise, get ready for one of the best karaoke experiences you will ever have in your life.

Once the game loads up, you will be greeted with a hefty song collection to choose from. The game features songs from artists like the Spin Doctors, Color Me Badd, Seal and even Paula Abdul to name a few. While all tunes within SingStar are catchy and easy to pick up, some require more skill to pull off. For those who are looking to test their lyrical prowess, they can tackle songs like Vanilla Ice’s… Ice Ice Baby or even Arrested Development’s Tennessee. Once thing is for sure with SingStar ‘90s, there is something for everyone. After selecting your song of choice and the melody style, then you are greeted with an in-game video of the song and the artist in action. Your job pretty much is to repeat the song lyrics that appear on the bottom of the screen as they are said by the artist. Hit the correct notes at the correct time, and you are rewarded with points and positive remarks, whereas hitting the wrong notes can deal you a whopping poor rating like “awful”. However, for those gamers who want to make a more personal experience out of SingStar, you can hook up your EyeToy camera and capture memorable moments of you singing to your significant other, or partying out with your boys.

SingStar is a party game that is most enjoyed when jamming with fellow friends and family members. There is nothing wrong with playing by yourself to hone your singing voice, or to get some practice in so you can blow away your competition during game night at your house. For those who aren’t a fan of ‘90s music, you may not be able to get into this game as a ‘90s fanatic would, but it won’t stop you from having an entertaining time. I’ll admit that a dedicated single-player mode and a broader roster of songs would have made this game even more appealing to gamers who just can’t get enough of Rock Band or Guitar Hero. However, by Sony adding solid depth to this title, it would of taken away from the game’s “pick up and play” atmosphere that the franchise is known for.

With another SingStar title under their belt, Sony’s flair for the casual seen and the PlayStation 2 console still continues to press on. For those who have already purchase previous versions, picking up this title will allow you to continue to jam on with friends and family. For newcomers, this title may not be high on your list, but when you have company at your house, you would definitely have something to break the ice. And to top it all off, making a fool in front of family and friends is more entertaining and memorable than going to your neighborhood karaoke bar and trying to jam in front of 30+ strangers. All in all, another solid attempt by Sony to keep the appeal of the SingStar franchise going.


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