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Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by: Relentless Software/SCEE
Genre: Trivia
Players: 1-8
Rated: E (Everyone)
Release Date: March 11, 2008
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

Being a big fan of multiplayer games, especially trivia-based games, it was kind of surprising that I never played any of the Buzz! Games until Sony’s latest release, Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz, for the PlayStation 2 game console. Until now, there has never been a game that was dedicated to all the ins and outs of our glorious “Hollywood”. Being a big movie buff, I decided to gives this game a go by test my movie and television knowledge. So without further adieu, I present to you Buzz! Hollywood Quiz.

Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz is the sixth installment in the highly popular trivia series, which dates back to 2005 and the release of Buzz! The Music Quiz. Only now with Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz, the attention has been placed directly on the lights and glamour of our own Hollywood, California. What makes this title interesting compared to the previous titles is the fact that practically everyone loves to watch a good movie and/or television show, and that knowledge actually proves useful within this game. So for those parents who thought their kids were rotting their brains away by watching too much television; this is their perfect excuse for it. However, let’s get back to the review…

After you pop the game into you system and load it up to the main menu, you are greeted with several different options to select from in regards to the gameplay. You can either select a full game or simply one of the many game choices, some of which are based on a point system. After deciding what mode of play you are about to venture into, you have a choice of 15 well-animated characters (all ethnicities included) to choose from. This includes a disco maniac sporting a giant-size afro and even a commando who loves to hug his teddy bear. Once the game is about to begin, you are greeted by a very animated host by the name of Buzz who will introduce each game round, while telling a few jokes here and there. Though commonplace in all games, within Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz, by utilizing a memory card to save your game data, you can cut down on how often the game will recycle questions, which allows you to see the true depth of the game, which is vast to say the least. After playing the game at least a dozen times with my family and friends, I can honestly say that I haven’t had a repeated question to date.

Though a PlayStation 2 title, The Hollywood Quiz sports pretty solid visuals. It’s not in the same category as God of War or Beyond Good & Evil, but the atmosphere is very bright and colorful. Each character has his/her own animated jesters, which look rather good, considering we are in the age of next generation visuals. In regards to the audio, there’s a very solid presentation. Relentless Software did a solid job at making gamers feel like they are actually participating within a game show. The host cracks jokes about the categories and the contestants, the crowd is highly involved into the game, often cheering and booing depending on the circumstances. The musical soundtrack is rather simple, yet intriguing to here. I’ll admit when playing a full game, I find myself skipping over the instructions being given by Buzz’s assistant just for the simply fact I like to see her reactions to being cut off in the middle of speech.

With more than 5,000 questions to be answered, tons of different modes to choose from, and a well diverse roster of entertaining characters, there is plenty to do within Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz. For those who want a tougher challenge, you do have the option to raise the difficulty level with the game, but from my personal experiences, there isn’t that much of a difference between the difficulty options. Also, this game supports up to 8 players, so you can a very entertaining night with a butch of friends and family.

Though any game can be written about, due to the depth of this game, I feel that this is a game that should definitely be experienced, whether you are into trivia games or not. Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz is one more example of why the PS2 is still reigning supreme, while in its eight year on the market. All I can say to end this review is to gather up a bunch of friends and go toe-to-toe with them to find out who is the biggest movie geek among you guys.


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