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Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Capcom
Genre: Action
Players: 1-16
Rated: T (Teen)
Release Date: February 26, 2008
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

For almost a year now, gamers on the PC and Xbox 360 platforms have been running through the knee-deep snow fields of Lost Planet. When there was little hope of this title gracing the PlayStation 3 console, Capcom decided to release the game on the PlayStation 3 console in order to please the fans that donít want to deal with the failure rate of the Xbox 360 console. With the PS3 venture into the battlefield, Capcom decided to equip the port with a low price point, $39.99, in order to attract gamers to their title, despite it being a year old already. For those whoa re new to Lost Planet, itís time to equip your VS suits and prepare for an action-packed journey from beginning to end.

For those new the title, you take control of a snow pirate by the name of Wayne. After waking up on the ice plains of E.D.N. III, Wayne realizes that he has no memory of how he got to the planet. All he remembers is a fierce battle in which his father was killed by an Akrid known as Green Eye. Though he has little information to go on, Wayne makes a vow to himself to track down Green Eye and to avenge his fatherís death. Just like the Xbox 360 and PC versions, throughout the game there will be a series of cutscenes that help flesh out the story of Wayneís past and his true mission as he traverses the alien planet.

Some may find the story that surrounds the epic battles very appealing, while others may just skip over the cutscenes to keep the action flowing. However, one thing that the story does best is set you up for several heated battles between humans and aliens using a wide variety of weaponry and suits. And as you battle through these battles, set among different, yet immersive terrains, upon completing a particular territory, youíll get a chance to battle an over-the-top boss. There are bosses of all sizes, from a simple hoard of mech suits, to giant-size spider-like creatures who take up practically the whole screen. If you have experienced games like God of War, you can see that these battles are the highlight of the single-player mode.

Paying attention to the beginning of the game and the cutscenes, you learn that thermal energy is very important to the survival of humans. Knowing this, as you control Wayne, you are always on the lookout for more thermal energy I order to sustain your life and weaponry. Playing on the easy difficulty level, this isnít a real issue, but for those playing on the harder difficulty levels, you want to make sure you collect thermal energy every chance you get. It can be acquired by killing aliens and/or locating various data posts to fill up. However, just like with the previously released versions, Capcom didnít address the fact that there still seems to be an abundance of thermal energy around as you progress through the harder difficulty levels. This could be due to the fact that with every enemy you kill, you can collect more thermal energy and on the harder levels, there are more enemies to kill.

As you progress through the game, you realize that the enemy A.I. is rather in-depth. You will find enemies, whether the Akrids or the NEVEC mercenaries, will often trying to ambush, trick, or even invite you into what seems a clear opening. When it comes to the NEVEC mercenaries, you will often find them taking cover, separate into strategic groups and even try to attack you from behind. To deal with these intense battles, Wayne has the ability to wield one of several weapons (machine guns, shotguns, rocket launchers and miniguns) to keep enemies at bay. But if those arenít enough, you also have the ability to change the pace of the battle via utilizing a VS suit, which is a giant-size robot. These robot/vehicles have the ability to utilize a variety of weapons.

Capcom takes pride in providing immersive environments and situations to show of the graphical detail of title and what the console can handle. The action with Lost Planet takes place outside for the most part, but there are several situations where you are doing battle inside underground industrial complexes and fiery volcanoes. But whether you are inside or out, each location is stylized to look like no other. Whether its buildings in the background or flowing lava, it all looks rather life-like and highly detailed. I will admit there are points where the action will slow down as you take on several different enemies at one time. It doesnít too much to take away from the enjoyment factor, but you can tell not enough time was spend to ensure the game was on par with the Xbox 360 version. While the landscaping might look beautiful, itís far from being indestructible. Walls, vehicles, rocks, buildings, storage tanks, etc. are all fully destructible. So once you clear out the enemies are still feeling a little bad, take aim at the various items and locations around you.

While the visuals are rather impressive, the sound department doesnít stack u. There are several instances where the music becomes very dramatic as it prepares the gamer for a looming-heated battle, but when you look back on it, none of itís memorable. Donít get me wrong, the musical score fits the battles and the events leading to the final climax, but they arenít tunes that you will find yourself humming or downloading the tracks upon completing the game. The sound effects and voiceovers werenít re-worked to sound better, thus offering up the same experience that Xbox 360 owners had. During battles, there are several phrases that are said out-loud by human counterparts, which surprising enough, arenít repeated as often as you would find in a game like Resident Evil 4.

The PS3 version of Lost Planet as mentioned before, ships for $39.99 and includes all the downloadable content that was made available for Xbox 360 and PC platform owners. This includes the map packs and extra playable characters that were utilized in the online multiplayer mode. In a similar fashion to Ninja Gaiden series, the PS3 version of Lost Planet also includes another playable character by the name of Luka, the game's sexy female character who just as likeable as Wayne.

I will admit this game has its high and low points that will have certain gamers in a toss-up over whether they should pick up the PS3 version or go back and find a copy of the Xbox 360 version. Though there are framerate issues and texture issues that got a bit worse in the transition to the PS3, Capcom seems to make up for it with the addition of all the bonus content, which PC and 360owners had to pay for and download. If you are into Third-Person Shooters, this is a game to play, regardless on console preference.


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