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Published by: Capcom
Developed by: Capcom Production Studio 1
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Rated: M (Mature)
Release Date: February 5, 2008
Screenshots: Link
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

The Devil My Cray franchise has made a name for itself on the PlayStation 2 console during its impressive run last generation. Thanks to this mighty franchise from Capcom, they single-handedly redefined what was known as the 3D action genre (at that time). After the third installment, Capcom took a break from the franchise to pursue other IPs, leaving the genre wide open for Sony's God of War franchise to come in and take everything to new heights. Though the series’ fanbase dwindled a bit, there was no denying that gamers were awaiting the next installment. Now that franchise is back, with its fourth installment for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Capcom is looking to reclaim the glory days and let everybody know that they know what it takes to produce a memorable experience.

Before diving head-first into the game, it should be mentioned that Devil May Cry 4 is one of the prettiest titles to grace both the PS3 and the Xbox 360. The game features well-defined characters that are fluidly animated, vast and lavish backdrops, and high-end production values. ..... However, when talking about the game's presentation, there seems to be a departure from series. Though we like the polished and detailed characters, backdrops, and realistic action, you can't help but miss the grittiness that DMC was known for. Another tidbit to note are the lengthy, action packed cutscenes that help flesh the story along. Not sure about everyone else, but I long for a game that will allow me to actually take part in those sequences, rather than watching them. At least on-screen button prompts would of work. Overall, a solid presentation that shows that Capcom can deliver the goods that gamers want.

As you fire up the game decide your fate (newcomer vs. experience devil hunter), you are thrusted into an extended cutscene, which showcases that main characters (Nero, Kyrie and Dante). Kyrie is on stage singing in front of the entire cult, while Nero is running through the city kicking and slashing is way to the monastery, to see his girlfriend sing. Upon arriving at the monastery, Kyrie had finished her hymn, and that's where things get interesting. As the leader of the cult is speaking to his followers, a mysterious man bust through the glass ceiling and proceeds to shoot the high priest in the head. Upon this happening, everyone runs out of the monastery and Nero begins to do battle with the mysterious individual (Dante). And this is where the game officially begins.

Once you have control, you start out as Nero, a member of the Order of the Sword, who is charged with the duty of seeking revenge on Dante. As to why Dante committed his attack, will be reveal later on in the game, but right now, its all about seeking revenge through an in-game tutorial. During this battle, a newcomer will learn the ropes of the game, while coming to realize that Dante and Nero may look alike, they possess different abilities. They both pack guns and a giant sword, but what separates them is the fact that Dante can grow facial hair... no really, it's Nero Devil Bringer. Its an upgradeable demon arm that can be utilize for close quarters attacks, pull him along glowing blue grapple points, and to pull a Scorpion, and pull enemies toward him.

While some feared DMC4 would be as difficult as Devil May Cry 3, Capcom made sure the game would be enjoyable for newbie and veterans alike. For starters, when starting the game, you can decide to go down the path of a first-time player or a season veteran of the series. The obvious difference is the amount of enemies and the difficulty curve. Another feature is the ability to activate automatic combo system, which will allow you to pull off insane combos by simply rapidly pressing various buttons that appear on the screen. There's also the automatic level-up system feature, which allows the game to decide what new abilities are best for you without having to pick and choose what ability is more suitable to acquire.

As you progress through the game with Nero, he will acquire new abilities, allowing him to easily complete the ladder levels and even some of the secret missions. I'm sure those who have played DMC4 would say that they prefer Nero to Dante in many aspects. It's something about a mutated hand that just sticks in our heads and hearts. Capcom sensing this might happen decided to allow Dante to acquire new weaponry that can blow a hole in anything he touches. However, next to the characters and weaponry, comes to story-filled cutscenes. What can I say; there are so many memorable moments within them, that you find yourself watching them again. You have Dante performing theatre, Nero having impure thoughts...LOL, and even a solid amount of cleavage (for those who can't get enough). It's all woven nicely into the in-game, keeping the gamer entertained throughout his journey.

The average gamer who hasn't played any of the Devil May Cry installments might not know about the replay value packed into the games. In the case of DMC4, once you play through the game on Human mode, you can go back through the game for a tougher challenge via the Devil Hunter mode. Not stopping there, there is the pursuit of trying to pull off some of the best combos possible, pulling of S, SS, and SSS Style combos any and every time you come across a pack of enemies. You can even watch the cutscenes that are part of the areas completed, thus creating your own mini DMC movie. Capcom has also packed in a few goodies to entice games to come back for more and more.

Not having much experience with the Devil May Cry franchise prior to the 4th installment, I have to say this is one of the best all around gaming experience on next-gen consoles. In an age were younger gamers are in need of beautiful looking games, this title is no slouch. Cutscenes make full use of Capcom's gaming engine, making the action within them look exactly like that of the in-game action. I'll admit the visual presentation is not done in a similar fashion to previous titles within the series, but that doesn't stop anyone...newbie or veteran.... from enjoying the vivid and fluid experience. For those who haven't picked up this game needs to rush to their corner store and pick up a copy. Whether on Xbox 360 or PS3, you are in an experience that no one should miss.


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