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Nintendo Revolution

The Past And Present = The Future


Mprunty - DarkEpyon1121 - Myahon

Nintendo has sought to make a name for themselves within the video game industry by way of innovation, creativity, and originality. As one of the last "Sleeping Dragons" left in the industry, the next generation holds incredible amounts of importance to the company and to the industry. Most companies don't give Nintendo enough credit, and this is where I differentiate from them. I have to give Nintendo all the nods in the world simply because if it wasn't for their emergence in the industry, there is no telling if the industry would still be alive and feisty as it is today.

For more than 20 years, Nintendo has re-energized the market and industry with their different take son gameplay. From the Power Glove, to the Super Scope, to even the Bongo drums, Nintendo endless ideas of new gameplay and innovation never seems to be limited to one system, or one style of play. But one has to wonder are all of Nintendo's innovative gameplay styles hints at possibilities in the future. I'm going to break down different aspects of Nintendo's hardware to show inklings at the possible future of Nintendo and the Revolution.

One aspect of gaming that can't be without is the Control Pad. Sure a lot of gamers would say that gameplay, graphics, story, musical score are the important aspects, but the fact remains that the control is the key to how you perceive the title. The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) and SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) pretty much had the same style of controller. The only differences between them are that the SNES controller had 4 additional buttons (L, R, Y, and X) and had a smooth, more rounded casing. But you notice a look to the past when it was time for the Nintendo 64 to make its debut.

Consoles of the past like the Atari 2600, and Mattel's Intellivision help influence the look and feel of the Nintendo 64 controller. If your not knew to video game consoles, then you know that the joystick style controller has been around for a long time and was used on the system like the Atari 2600. Sure you wonder, what does this have to do with what I'm talking about, well here comes my reason. The joystick help revolutionized gameplay back when the Atari and Mattel's system ruled the streets.

Mattel Intellivision

Atari 2600

Two of the best consoles...

Since Nintendo is known for taking risks and creating new styles of gameplay, this was right down Nintendo's ally. Nintendo took the style of old, and perfected it, adapted it, and made it one of the hottest new innovations of years to come. Nintendo was the first to implement the joystick to control true 3D video games (i.e. Super Mario 64). No longer were gamers limited to up, down, left, and right. Gamers and developers had a greater amount of freedom to exploit and have better control of the video game characters.

Now when Nintendo made the step to the next level with the Nintendo Gamecube, the same creativity came to the forefront, though not as of an impact as the N64 controller had on the industry. Nintendo took their controller one step further by making it compact, similar to the style of the SNES controller while adding another joystick to the controller. Some people may say that it is because Sony made their dual-shock controller one of the best controllers ever created in terms of gameplay, maneuverability, and comfort. But unlike Sony's controller, the left joystick is placed above the direction pad.

Butting looking throughout the history of Nintendo and its controllers, they have never stuck to a simple formula. Though the bongo drums, used by Donkey Konga titles, aren't a standard controller, it was an interesting and new take on playing music games, and the soon to be actions adventure Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat. But once again, when you look at the past, you have to remember a few comments and remarks that have been made during the present.

There have been several statements and rumors surfacing all over the Internet in regards to the Nintendo Revolution. From the controller not having any buttons (Y, X, A, B), to patents and trademarks being filed in reference to a new style of gameplay and control, to even Nintendo's President Iwata Saturo stating that the Revolution will bring about a Paradigm Shift in the industry. Now if we sit down and try to decipher these rumors/patents/trademarks/comments, then some interesting possibilities arise.

Could this be a glimpse into the future

The President of Nintendo stated several times that we will see a "Paradigm Shift" in regards to the industry and Nintendo. When you define paradigm, it means to serve as a pattern or a model. Another definition of the word means to have a set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them, especially in an intellectual discipline. These two definitions make things interesting in regards to what Nintendo has planned with the Revolution. The first definition ties into Nintendo stating that the Nintendo DS is an inkling at what we can expect for the Revolution. So many possibilities arouse into what Nintendo actually meant by that, but I feel that Nintendo is trying to tell gamers that gameplay will be taking a different form. No longer will we be confined to the norm. Nintendo is planning on introducing a new style of gameplay, which is already used on the market (touch screen, voice recognition, etc.), but not in regards to video games.

The second definition can be interpreted many different ways, but seeing Nintendo, there really is only one way. Nintendo from their first footing into the video game industry has stated and proved that Gaming should be the main focus of companies and not multimedia function-ability. Sure having a DVD player incorporated, or having online gameplay can bring extras to the table for developers to incorporate more and try different things, but focusing on that too much takes away from the essence of gaming, which is Gameplay. So when you look at the second definition, I believe Nintendo to catering to both sides of the market. Nintendo will continue to bring the great gameplay that its loyal fans and hardcore fans have love playing for years, but with a twist or something implemented that will also cater to the mainstream gamers.


Pure gaming vs. multimedia, what's your choice?

Nintendo is known for taking risks and are known for dabbling into current and future technologies for many years to see if it would actually work out in the long run. If you were to compare the current Nintendo to the past, you would seem a lot of similarities between the two. Nintendo in the early to late 80s, were considered a ruthless tactician in the since that when they wanted to get certain titles for their system, they would go out there and do what they had to do. That's one reason why the NES is regarded as the best video-game system off all-time. When you compare that to today's time, Nintendo is making deals, cutting exclusives, and even loaning out their franchise players in an effort to garner great third-party support and enticing titles to play.

Like the Nintendo of old, they provided a wide base of titles, spanning various genres; some creating their own genres, and to this day, Nintendo continues that love of variety. From games like Bubble Bobble to Pikmin, from Gyromite to Donkey Konga, Nintendo shines on all fronts and shows that time is always on your side as long as you take advantage of it.

So when we step back and take a look at Nintendo, a few questions arise. Will Nintendo truly bring something innovative and different to the game world? Will Nintendo finally implement maneuvers and dealings that will appeal to both the loyalist and the mainstream all at the same time? Is Nintendo getting us all hyped up about the Revolution within a core substance to back their claims? Well in the next few months, things will be revealed and the true premise of the Revolution will be revealed.

DARKEPYON1121'a idea for the Revolution controller. Click on the picture for a better view.

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