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Gaming Evolution
Published by: The Game Factor
Developed by: Neko Entertainment
Genre: Simulation
Release Date: November 5, 2007
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

Build-A-Bearís gameplay core isnít really deep at all and the reason for that is the game is all about creating a cuddly bear to control and taking part in several games. This title is not for those who want some epic battles, violence, or even a love story. This title will melt the hearts of individuals who have a fascination with creating cuddly bears and animals for themselves.

Once the game is powered up, players are able to recreate the experience of visiting a Build-A-Bear shop by creating their playable character within a similar process to the store itself. Practically all the accessories you can incorporate into your stuff animal within the shop can be inputted into their virtual bear. The best part about the process comes once your bear is complete as in parents donít have to pay for each stuff animal created, which saves a lot of money. And when you feel like purchasing new accessories and clothing for your character, you would simply compete within several activities and mini games to earn buttons, which can be used to buy those goods.

After your character has been created, you are off to ďCub CondoĒ, which is where you will spend most of your time playing several different games. Out of all the games, the tow games that will be played the most would be the cooking and dress up games. These games mimic real life when little children try their hand at cooking with various toys like the Easy Bake Oven, or even playing dress up with the parents clothing. I will admit most the game games seem tailored to girls, but boys can still have a fun experience playing these mini games.

A nice feature included within this title is the multiplayer mode, which will allow little children to play game with a fellow friend or family member. By utilizing this mode, they are able to play several of the mini games with one another, or exchange various accessories, clothing and pictures with one another,

I have to admit, for a childrenís game, Build-A-Bear was very well designed and structured. The animations used within the gamer are well done, which adds to the overall attractive nature of this title. However, not on the same visual level as games like Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberryland Games or Tom and Jerry Tales, Build-A-Bear finds a way to keep you hooked through bright colors and a since of atmosphere within the outdoor levels. This is definitely a game that Build-A-Bear lovers will eagerly pick up with open arms.

The sound is not one of the strong points of Build-A-Bear. Several of the sound effects are often repeated one too many times, which can get annoying to hear. However, little children wonít mind the repetition due to the fact that they will be having too much fun with the various games.

I will say that this game was not designed for someone of my age, but after playing the title, anyone of any age could have a good time as long as they open their minds and hears to the cuddly bears. The parents who buy this game for their children can expect them to play the title for several hours each and everyday until their attention is directed toward something else.

Looking back on all the titles that have been released over the years, this title is certainly no Nintendogs or Pokemon, which have seen huge sales around the worlds. This title is geared toward the child and/or gamer that canít get enough of cuddly stuff animals and who are open to a different gaming experience from the norm. Those parents who have not bought this game for their son or daughter should take the time and pick this title up. This is an experience their children wonít forget, and an experience they can share with them.


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