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Published by: Ubisoft
Developed by: Ubisoft Montreal
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Rated: M (Mature)
Release Date: November 13, 2007
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Written By: Rangebar Merani

Assassinís Creed is a very fun, beautiful and thrilling adventure that will keep players wanting more even after the ending. With its intriguing story, open environment and fluid controls, Creed comes close to being a very complete game, if it werenít for its repetitive investigations and missions.

You start Creed off as Altair, an expert assassin in the 12th Century exploring the famous Holy Land cities of Jerusalem, Damascus and Acre. Altairís first mission from his organization, the Assassinís Creed, is to find a hidden treasure, but Altairís ego and ignorant motives put him and his partners in a dangerous situation, in which he loses a fellow brother of the Creed in battle. Altair is then stripped of his high rank for breaking the rules of the Creed, but is given a chance to redeem himself and become a high rank assassin once again by assassinating nine Crusaders throughout the Holy Kingdom. The story then takes a sci-fi twist when the events taking place are actually being pulled from the genetic code of a modern day bartender named Desmond by researchers using a machine called the Animus. Although the story might get a little confusing at times, it really does keep your attention and youíll want to keep playing until you know what happens next.

For every assassination, Altair must go through a certain number of investigations to find information about his target. Investigations include: eavesdropping, pick pocketing, interrogations and using fellow assassins as informants. But itíll be hard to find where all the investigations are in such a huge city like Damascus or Jerusalem and thatís why Altair must use viewpoints to synchronize his surroundings. Viewpoints are usually located on the tallest buildings in the city and youíll have to find your way up there to unlock the locations of investigations on your map. Once you get enough information about your target, youíll have to go to the Assassinís Bureau and get permission for the assassination. Youíll then have the target available on your map and once you find him, youíll go through some sort of cut-scene and then go after your victim. All the assassinations go through this very same routine of finding the viewpoints, conducting the investigations and taking out the target. This sort of repetition gets really old and causes a loss of interest at times. Another flaw about the assassinations is that they arenít very stealthy at all. For almost every assassination, youíll have to chase down your target to kill him and then youíll have to deal with swarms of guards. For a game that is suppose to focus on stealth, much of the stealth is removed from the assassinations and saved for hiding from the guards and blending in with other citizens.

And speaking of citizens, many of the beggars, drunks and street thugs will constantly blow your coverage during an investigation or mission, causing you to start it over again and having to go through the same dialogue and cut-scene. However, saving the innocent citizens from guards in the city rewards you with vigilantes that will help you get away from guards or scholars that will allow you to blend them. Although saving citizens is voluntary, those vigilantes are really helpful when running from guards and the scholars are sometimes the only way to get into a certain part of the city without blowing your coverage. Saving citizens also gives you a good chance to ditch all the sneaking around and work with Creedís fighting system, which is mediocre at best. The quickest (and coolest) way to defeat an enemy is to be patient and use a counter attack to kill them. If you keep attacking, many fights will take longer than they should and more guards may approach. If you donít want to fight, you can always climb up to the rooftops and hide in a pile of hay or a curtained garden. Getting up to the rooftops is the easiest way to get away from guards and jumping from one rooftop to another is some of the most fun youíll have playing this game. Creedís ďfree climbingĒ controls are very fluid and very easy to perform. Altair will use what ever he can, whether itís a window or a ledge, to get on top of buildings. Running and leaping from one building to another is the best way to move around the city, but it might blow your coverage at times.

Although the three cities in the game do have their restrictions, most of it is an open environment for Altair to use as his own playground. The superior level design and memorable world of Assassinís Creed will amaze players, as the cities look and feel very realistic. The wonderful sound design and music also go along very well with the 12th Century cities. With traditional Middle Eastern tunes and voice acting that is flawless, youíll be amazed at how perfect the settings and sound mix. Although the cities all look very splendid and they all have their own details to separate themselves from each other, they all play alike. Itís not that big of a deal, but a little bit of variety of how the cities are set up wouldnít have hurt.

Overall, Assassinís Creed is a fabulous mix of stealth, action and platforming that is one hell of a game. I canít say enough how wonderful the game looks and how creative the story was written, until the confusing and disappointing ending, which they left open for a sequel. But if they donít polish up some of the gameplay, such as the repetitive missions and lack of variety in cities in the next Creed, it may be much of the same game. Although there is the option of collecting all the flags in the game and unlocking all the achievements, there isnít much more to do once youíve finished the game, but Iím sure youíll still want to be playing. Even with some of its flaws and missteps, Assassinís Creed is a very addictive, beautiful and fun game that is well worth playing through again.


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