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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution

Published by: Midway Games
Developed by: Epic Games
Genre: First-Person Shooter
Players: 1-4(co-op), 1-24 (online)
Release Date: TBA 2007
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

There is no denying the fact that Unreal Tournament has redefined the action genre last generation, ad looks to do the same to the next generation scene. Saying that, Epic Games and the Unreal 3 Engine has ensured gamers that no natter if they are playing the PC build or the PS3 build, they can expect the same awesome visuals and audio clarity. As it stands, the only real difference between the PC and PS3 builds is the speed of movement, of which the PC is the winner. But with the recent changes to the PS3 build, gamers have a choice of using the SIXAXIS controller or a keyboard and mouse setup, which would even the playing field and ensure players are comfortable with the controller setups.

Looking into the single-player campaign, players will control Reaper who, along with a few of his friends, is looking for work after the mining colony was destroyed. During the search, they come across a job, which is a revenge mission funded by big business (corporations). Within this mode, players have one of two setups when dealing with the job. The typical setup is the player controlling Reaper while the A.I. controls the other three characters. The other setup would be gathering a few of your friends and turning this single-player campaign into a four-person co-op campaign.

Another aspect to the single-player campaign is the branching paths. Of course you can go straight forward through the campaign, not taking any of the side adventures, beating the game, but Epic Games wants gamers to venture off into new exciting battles. An example of the rewards to taking part in the branching paths includes acquiring use of the enemy vehicles. This is done through hitting the secret base, which is used to study Necris technology. Other items and weapons can be acquired and used within ladder missions, making the battles more interesting and put the advantage into your favor. According to the developing team, the reason behind a solid single-player campaign is because “under 50 percent of owners of UT 2004 played online”, something which Epic wants to avoid with UT3. Epic feels this game should cater to everyone, not just the multiplayer enthusiasts.

Now with the multiplayer within UT3, gamers are treated to a whole new gaming experience. Within this mode, there is a character customization option, which allows players the ability to choose a race, body details, thus creating an in-depth roster of features a player can use to create a unique character.

Players will be able to deal out tons of damage and deaths to the friends and the A.I. within modes like Assault and Onslaught, while utilizing several additions added to the game. One of these additions is the Hoverboard, which players can hop on to zoom around the map. Not stopping there, players can utilize 18 different vehicles within various 24-player maps. Some of these vehicles include the Necris Darkwalker tank, which has the ability crouch behind cover, climb, and deliver devastating strikes to its opponents.

Another game mode sure to lure gamers in is Warfare. Within this complex battlefield mode, each player is required to play a role in order to achieve the various objectives within the map. After picking a role (attack, defense, orb runner, special ops, or no preference), a direction arrow will appear on the floor directing you towards the objectives that are tailored to your role. What makes this mode so appealing is because a newbie to the game can jump into the online action, select a role and be directed to they need to do within the battle structure. Another appealing factor to the mode that will draw in clans is the shear competitiveness of controlling nodes within the map. Players must defend their home-base perimeters, while at the same time attacking enemy nodes.

UT3 is home to some immersive console multiplayer action (both single-player campaign and multiplayer mode), mod editor, online clan support, shimmering effect, etc., all of which creates a fluid, action-packed adventure for all types of gamers. One thing is clear though about UT3; whether you are new to the franchise or a longtime veteran, the Playstation 3, dedicated servers, and future content via mods, will take the franchise to new heights.

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