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Gaming Evolution
Published By: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed By: SCE Studios San Diego/Team Ramrod
Genre: Sports
Players: 1-2
Rated: E10+ (Everyone 10 and Up)
Release Date: December 7, 2007
Screenshots: Link
Price: $9.99
Written By: Matthew Prunty

October 1, 2008 - Bowling has always been an fun and immersive experience that kids, teenagers and adults enjoy when they are looking to let loose and have a good time. With the sports transition to home consoles, the experience never quite translated until now. With Team Ramrod’s release of High Velocity Bowling for the PS3 console, gamers get an opportunity to utilize the motion capabilities of the SIXAXIS/DualShock 3 controller, allowing them to mimic the sport like never before. For those looking for the best bowling experience out there, continue reading and learn all about High Velocity Bowling.

Some might compare High Velocity Bowling to the bowling experience on the Nintendo Wii; however besides the fact both games are about bowling, they don’t have anything in common. When you first fire up HVB, you’ll notice that you only have access to two of roster’s eight characters. Each character that you unlock comes complete with their own unique style of bowling and a bowling lane to diversify the overall gaming experience. In order to unlock the extra characters, you must defeat them in a one-on-one matchup, which is pretty easy to do as your skills grow. However, when it comes to unlocking bonus outfits and bowling balls, you must be up for a challenge as some will require you pulling of trick shots which seem impossible to perform.

The concept of swinging your SIXAXIS/DualShock 3 controller forward in order to knock down the pins is pretty simply once you know how to hold the controller. First you must palm the controller in your hand. Regardless of if you are left-handed or right-handed, the control scheme will adapt to your style of bowling. Once you have a firm grip on the controller and utilizing the motion sensor built inside the controller, you twist your wrist left or right in order to determine your starting position. After determining the starting position, then you will decide at what angle you want the ball to go… cock back your hand and let it rip. While prepping to bowl, the only buttons you have to worry about using is X and the L2/R2 triggers on the controller. The X-button is used to confirm, while the triggers are designed to determine how much spin to put on the bowling ball.

At first, this style of bowling will seem a bit awkward for those who are use to bowling on the Nintendo Wii. However, once you have gotten a couple of swings under your belt, you’ll become more comfortable with the control scheme and things will seem a bit easier. While the level of difficulty will increase as you take on tougher individuals, the real challenge within HVB is consistently hitting the “sweet spot” in order to consistently hit a strike. The starting characters lack the skill to pull this off, so bowling straight down the lane is your best bet o getting a strike. As you unlock more skillful characters, you will be able to pull off hook shots similar to what professional bowlers do in real life.

The visuals within High Velocity Bowling are very solid. Considering this title was released early in the life cycle of the PS3 console, it’s a solid representation of the time. Character models are diverse, each have their own personality, which comes off in their style of bowling. Each bowling is nicely detail. Some look plain like the ones in actual bowling alleys, while others are decked out in the stylings that compliment that character’s personality. IN regards to the sound, the bowling aspect of the game sounds very realistic. Each character has their own catchphrases which are funny at time, but after awhile they can get a bit repetitive. Thankfully you are given the option to skip them saying their phrases. The game also includes the ability to play custom soundtracks, which is a welcomed addition. You are able to hop into the XMB menu and select whatever song you won’t that you have stored on your hard drive to play in the background while playing the game.

High Velocity Bowling also includes a multiplayer mode, which can be access both online and offline. When playing online, you are limited to playing one-on-one with another player. The network is divided up into several different rooms depending on your level of skill. For those who are still new to the game, you may want to hang around within the Gutter Ball room. For those who can pull of 300 point games without any problems, there’s also a room dedicated for those bowlers. While these rooms help separate the skillful from those that are lacking, nothing is stopping you from hopping into any room you want. You can also play offline with a group of your friends, which works in a similar fashion to online play. In offline multiplayer, winning or losing the matchup, doesn’t affect your place on the dedicated leaderboards

High Velocity Bowling is a fun and engaging experience that the whole family can enjoy. Team Ramrod has built a solid game; recreating the bowling experience for home consoles in a way that is very much welcomed. With the team promising a steady stream of support for the title in the months following the release of the title, you can bet that this title will have a long and lasting future within the hearts and consoles of PS3 console around the world.


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