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Gaming Evolution
Published by: Electronic Arts
Developed by: Tiburon
Genre: Sports
Rated: E (Everyone)
Screenshots: Link
Release Date: August 28, 2007
Written By: Stephen Woodward

With every new season comes a new flock of EA titlesÖthatís the saying, right? Iím afraid it is. With the hype and success of the Nintendo Wii, EA has decided that there is cash to be made on the fastest selling, next-generation console. Actually playing one of these games, though, will help you decide of thatís indeed a good thing.

The last Tiger Woods effort, released a mere 5 months ago, was if anything a disappointing product. The graphics were pixilated and washed with an odd brown finish, while the game play was nearly horrendous, picking up hooks and slices only when it felt like it. The game did offer an impressive array of modes and very cool music to shake your Wii-mote too it just didnít feel like the holy grail of golf games that everyone had been prophesying across the forums would descend onto the Wii.

Sadly, Tiger Woods 08 doesnít look to be any different. The same, mysterious brown color scheme has been applied, and it appears that, while the controls have been improved upon, Tiger is a long ways from being solid. The swing though does use 1:1 tracking, much like 07ís “advanced setting, and reads swing speed much well and thoroughly than before. There are still the hook recognition problems, though, something Hot Shots Golf got closer to right a year ago.

There is a new confidence system that is a unique feature, though not exclusive to the Wii. It measures the playerís skill, shot difficulty, and previous performance to gauge the confidence, thus enhancing your chance of hitting a great shot.

Ultimately, though, this sounds like another famous EA pushover title. Whether itís worth your money or not is up to how desperate you are for a Wii golf game. Maybe the desperation meter can be implemented in Tiger Woods 09’.

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