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Gaming Evolution
Published by: Nintendo
Developed by: Next Level Games
Genre: Sports
Players: 1-4
Rated: E10 (Everyone 10 and Up)
Release Date: July 30, 2007
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Written By: Tyler Norton

Goal! Thats right, Super Mario Strikers, the Gamecube soccer success has arrived on the Nintendo Wii! With brand new additions and updates, Next Level Games is looking to bring a previously successful game to new life in this sequel. So, did they succeed, or did they let this chance at a goal get a yellow card? Join me for an in-depth look at Marios latest venture into the soccer world

Mario Strikers Charged has the similar basics to that of the original. There are various modes where you can play including VS Mode (exhibition matches), Tournament mode, and a practice mode. The games can last up to five minutes and have up to five different difficulties. There are also various stages you can play on with different obstacles and then the classic stages from the past game.

The gameplay of Strikers Charged is much like that of its predecessor. There are a total of twelve captains that will lead your team into the match. After you choose a captain, you will be able to pick three teammates from other game characters. Each captain and character has specific attributes that make them unique. Unlike the original Strikers, you will have the ability to choose your three teammates from the array of characters. This gives you more power over your team, yet, if youre not good at decision making, each captain has a preset team and a random feature.

Another feature that goes with the captains and teammates are the Mega-strikes and Skill-shots. To perform a Mega-Strike, you must power up your captains shot by holding the B button until a swinging gauge appears. When the marker lands on a certain part of the gauge you press A and it will determine the number of shots you will make (3 to 6), then a second part of the gauge will determine the speed of the balls. If you land in a green zone, the balls will go moderately fast, in the orange zone, they will go really fast, and if the marker lands in the grey zone, they will go slow.

When a person uses a Mega-Strike on you, however, you will automatically become the goal keeper and will need to block the shots thrown at you. You can do this by hovering over the shots and pressing the A button on them. If you do this successfully, they will disappear; if you donta beeping noise will let you know that the opposing team has scored.

Skill-shots on the other hand are performed by the teammates. Each teammate has a different style of Skill-shot that revolves around their personality. The Skill-shot is used in a similar fashion to that of a Mega-Strike. To perform one, you hold the B button to power up and then the Skill-shot is automatically performed. Examples include the Hammer Bros. where he throws a large amount of hammers at the goal keeper while he shoots the ball. Another includes Boo using his ghost-like traits to make him and the ball invisible while he dashes the ball into the goal.

The controls are pretty easy to follow, as well. To pass, you simply use the A button and to shoot you use the B button. The Z button is used to lob the ball into the air and the control-pad is used to perform what is called a deke. Each deke is unique to each character as well and is used when a character needs to get out of a tight spot. Its a convenient little technique that helps you when the odds seem against you and you need to make a quick move.

Items can be used in-game by pressing the C button once obtained. Items can be attained by various ways and come in handy. Some items include shells, banana peels, mushrooms, and of course, Chain Chomps. Amongst other items include the powerful Super Ability Items. The Super Ability Items allows your captain to perform a special tactic that affects a certain part of the playing field. For example, Mario grows to a giant-like size and runs over the opposing team. These can be identified by an icon in the item bar that resembles your character.

Multi-player wise, the game is excellent. Whether its playing with a friend or a family member, multi-player calls for a good time for all to have. If you dont want to play with somebody close to you, you can also use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to take on the world and try to make a name for yourself in the world rankings. Multi-playing is truly the highlight of the game.

The graphics in the game are slightly better than that of its predecessor and its only downfall. In game, the characters are pretty small and sketchy and at times it could be hard to tell between characters; especially Dry Bones and Yoshi. This could cause a lot of confusion especially in the middle of the game and is the basic downfall of the graphics department.

The cut-scenes also look a lot different. They are much sleeker and sharper than the ones in the original game. The frame rate for the cut scenes is also much faster and it makes them look more professional. Yet, the cut scenes got cut down (no pun intended) in the humor department where they seem a lot more serious than the last game. This is a slight downfall, but doesnt really play much of a part in the long run.

Overall, Mario Strikers Charged is a great game and a great sequel. While the gameplay excels and the graphics are average, it all balances it out in the end. If you are looking for a game that is for your family, this is the game for you. Yet if you want some serious soccer gaming, Id recommend something else.


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