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Gaming Evolution
Published by: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developed by: Factor 5
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Rated: M (Mature)
Release Date: July 31, 2007
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Written By: Matthew Prunty

Factor 5 has made a name for themselves developing Star Wars titles for the Nintendo Gamecube. During that era, their creative minds were limited on what they could incorporate into the games due to Nintendoís choice of media format, but it didnít stop them from making masterpieces out of Rogue Squadron and Rebel Strike. With the next generation upon us, things arenít the same for Factor 5 no more.

With Lair, Factor 5 is trying to turn their dynamic concept into a reality on the Playstation 3 console. The emphasis within Lair has been placed on an intense story-line, a visual and immersive gaming world, and a perfect gameplay core without any compromises. One affective way for the developer to pull this off is by using the PS3ís SIXAXIS motion. During your many air-based battles, gamers will no longer use the analog sticks to control movement. Gamers will tilt the controller left or right to bank the dragon, while pointing the controller down puts you into a steep dive, and pulling up executes a climb. Attacks are delivered via jabbing the controller in a forward motion and/or via a series of button presses, depending on what type of dragon you are using at the time.

Some may see the opting out of the analog sticks for the air battles as a risky move considering gamers are naturally drawn to the control movements of the joysticks. But at the same time, you canít help be intrigued by the fluid motion you would get by controlling attacks and flight via the motion-sensor. Seeing how immersion is a big factor, being more physically involved is more intriguing than just simply pressing a few buttons.

Air combat doesnít get more chaotic than in Lair. There will be several instances where dragons will litter the skies, creating intense battle sequences. Factor 5 is looking to include seven different dragon types, each having different strengths and weaknesses. Just like any game, the battles get more intense as the game moves on. Simple fire attacks will help you get the job done in the early stages of the game, but as you advance, you will have to have more a strategy before going into each battle.

You can easily see that size matters in Lair. Because of this notion, you can expect enemies and bosses on a much grander scale than any dragon you would fly throughout the game. One example of this would be the first boss, which is a giant coral snake. Now some are probably thinkingÖWhat can a coral snake do to me? Well let me tell you, when you have to fight a giant snake thatís almost a mile long, thereís a lot to fear than you think.

As it stands, PS3 owners can expect this gameís release this coming July 2007.

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