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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published by: Nintendo
Developed by:Nintendo
Genre: Music Action
Players: 1
Rated: E10 (Everyone 10 and Up)
Release Date:March 14, 2005
Written by: Matt Q.

April 8, 2005 - Do I really need to do this? I mean the graphics are phenomenal. It would compete with Resident Evil 4 if it was a graphical competition, yet it is not. When you come face to face with a boss you can literally count each of their hairs and Donkey Kong does have quite a few hairs.

During the gameplay the graphics are really shown off. The camera will move in and out according to where you are. If you are being chased it will move out so you can see what is ahead of you better. If you are boxing in an enemies graphically amazing faces it will move in closer.

As you pull off combos you will get a better looking show. You will be flying off a dandelion one minute and being catapulted by a boost monkey the next. It moves so fluidly and looks great. A yellow trail will follow you to show your path. Each time you do a combo worthy task you will get another combo number. It shows up above DK every time it goes up.

Also when you pull off moves against some of these awesome looking bosses you will get an awesome looking fist fight. It really gets cool looking when you fight against another ape. If you clap DK will pull off some really cool jumps and dodges as you slap the bongo skins and blast the ape to kingdom come.

The sound is decent. But do not expect awesome Zelda scores popping in all the time making you want to learn how to play the song. The music is pretty good. It fits each different level. If you are in the jungle you will get Amazon like music.

The sound effects are awesome. When you wack around your enemies you know the punches hit when the satisfying sound of a punch landing. As you jump from dandelions (catapulting flowers) you hear the springy sound and it is great.

Like a normal DK game you have boss music for when you fight the boss. Yet this game makes it interesting. Later in the game you will have to hit a certain eye out of three on an enemy. The music play a different notes like a normal song, but when it changes that is your time to strike. It is great to see audio being used like this.

It is fun and fresh. You will find yourself choosing the bongos over the controller. It makes the gameplay so much more fun. You pound on the bongos to get DK to right or left, clap to send out shock waves or grab onto items and tap both to jump. Then combine these and you will learn many other moves. You can make your own moves. Go ahead, jump then clap paralyzing your enemy, then tap both bongos in the air and do a ground pound, bounce up grab onto a boost money catapult yourself and grab onto an apple pig and beat him down. All this is done with the bongos, it looks hard but is actually quite easy.

That does bring up a problem. The difficulty grows as you go on. There are 40 different levels. You start of with 4. Then after you beat all those you unlock 4 more, then do it again get 4 more. Then you are required to get medals. So you go back to the start and try to get gold medals in each level. It is a huge challenge to unlock all 40, I still do not have them all!

The levels do have some flaws, occasionally you will find yourself fighting a boss you fought earlier except with a different paint job. It will seem like that at first, but then you find out they each have different moves and are harder to beat.

Sometimes you will find yourself having trouble with the controls because the clapping sensor does not respond. It is really hard too, you will find yourself having trouble to beat levels and it will get frustrating. The best thing to do at this time is to go back to an earlier level and try to get really high scores to improve your skills. It will be a hard road but fun.

At the end of each level of a chapter you will be forced to slap the skins to get extra points to use against bosses. The beat points are used as your health, also at then end of the level you have to have a certain amount of beat points to get the Silver and Gold medal (you get bronze when you beat the level.

The game isn't that long, you will fight the final boss about half way through the game. Once you unlock all the levels you will fight the real final boss. Once again that is hard! The gameplay is a lot easier than it looks and is fun, it makes for great gameplay.

Personal Thoughts
The game is a lot of fun. It shows that the DK bongos are not just for music games. Keep a firm grasp on your bongos we have heard rumors of a sequel on the works to be shown at E3. The minor problems getting fixed would make this so much more fun. Overall it is a game all GCN gamers should own. If you don`t mind some originality then try this one out. It isn't as great as the SNES DK game but is still a lot of fun.


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