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Published By: Konami
Developed By:Konami
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Rated: T (Teen)
Release Date: December 25, 2006
Written By: Alex Sohani

Ah, my favorite series of all time, and one of the best titles in the series I may add. The Belmonts are back in yet another whip slinging, vampire hunting adventure, but it never gets old, does it? Super Castlevania IV was one of the first games on the SNES to really take advantage of its graphical power, and make some magical and unforgettable scenes in the game. Besides graphical power, of course, the game really grabs players’ attention, retelling the unique story of the original Simon Belmont.

In Super Castlevania IV, you’ll be grabbing blessed items, slinging the holy whip, and beating down swarms of enemies to enter the enchanted Castlevania. While players may be familiar with the more recent 2D adaptations of the series, this game is much different, using the same side scrolling side, but using no backtracking whatsoever, and having a very specific path to take throughout the adventure; either way though, the gameplay is very similar, utilizing subweapons, a limited health bar, and platforming elements.

In the adventure, the whip is the most commonly used weapon, and can be upgraded 2 times, making it a metal whip the first time, and extending it the second. The whip can finally be extended in any cardinal direction, and is utilized to swing across large gaps, as well as slay mythical enemies. To add to the holy arsenal though are some subweapons that are very fun to use. These subweapons are holy water, a cross, a knife, and an axe, each with a perk, as well as a disadvantage. Using these requires the use of hearts that are gathered throughout the game. This system can get frustrating after a while, but plays out in an interesting way if used correctly.

The game really was a remake of the original with many more features to boast, so players may be confused as to why there is a password system. While it may be a bit frustrating to use, it really sets the mood of the old gaming days, and can be kind of useful for those times where memory methods tend to fail us.

All in all, there is much more to be said about Super Castlevania IV, but there isn’t much space left to say it. The game is really an impressive experience, perfecting many concepts during the 16-bit era such as music, level design, and the use of unique but effective weapons. It really is the perfect place to start the Castlevania series that many have missed out on, and really opens the door to the great timeline that is Castlevania.

Highly Recommended - 8.5/10

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