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Gaming Evolution
Gaming Evolution
Published By: Sega
Developed By: Treasure Co. LTD.
Genre: Run & Gun
Players: 1-2
Rated: E10 (Everyone 10 and up)
Release Date: January 22, 2007
Written By: Alex Sohani

When Sega was in its glory days, titles were amazing, especially on the Genesis, which is my personal favorite of their consoles. Gunstar Heroes is perfect proof of the magic that was the Genesis. Developed by Treasure, this Contra-like title was actually developed by a part of the former Contra team, and built an even more interesting formula to make one of the best side scrolling action shooter platformers of all time. Sure, itís a basic formula, but itís just so much fun, players will have a hard time putting it down.

The game doesnít have much of a storyline, but basically ďgoodĒ brothers Red and Blue are gun slinging weapons masters, forced to fight against their evil brother Green. To get to their brother will require plenty of explosions, crazy maneuvers, and swarms of enemies of course. I must say, enemies are not a rare sight at all in this game. There wonít be more than a 10 second break in this game where you wonít see enemies flooding the screen. (Besides boss battles of course) The game does a great job keeping the frame rate up, even at the lower quality. Youíll never find yourself in a moment where the game lags, or lets you down in any manner of that sort.

Of course, with insane amounts of enemies, a hero is going to need some nice firepower, right? Well, Gunstar Heroes boasts some great weapons for players to use. There are 4 types of weapons, and players can customize 2 together to form more powerful weapons. For instance, gathering a flame power will allow players to use a flamethrower. Combine that with another flame power, and youíll get a more powerful and longer-range flamethrower; or combine that flame power with a homing shot power, and youíll get heat seekers. Each combination has its pros and cons, but either way, each type has its own specific time to be used.

The game is very short, which is the only major con to this game, but other than that, itís really a satisfying experience. Anyone who missed out on the Genesis really ought to look into spending just 8 bucks on this title. Itís by far the best title Nintendo has offered for the Genesis thus far, and an unforgettable one at that, with a rewarding game experience, and plenty of action.

Highly Recommended - 9/10

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