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Wii Edition: Top 5 Games of 2007

2007 can be the year that makes or breaks the Nintendo Wii and its conquest of reclaiming Nintendo's #1 status that it lost during the N64/PS era. Several key titles from the likes of Electronic Arts, Activision, THQ, Ubisoft, etc. are expected to drop, but how will they have an affect on gamers who currently support the platform and newcomers to the system/industry.

DarthGohan1 has compiled a list of what he feels are the top 5 titles for the Nintendo Wii for 2007. So check out his list and his reason's why these titles shouldn't be missed.

5-Tie)Mario Party 8 / Harvest Moon Wii
I'm hoping HM for Wii will be as good as the original, on N64, and not as "meh" as the Cube ones. I think the Wii controls will be able to spice up the HM series a bit. If HM doesn't turn out well, I'm hoping MP8 also is more like its older versions (on N64) than the newer version (4-7 on Cube), which were almost exactly similar to the previous one, with "new" minigames and boards... even though it all played quite similar. MP, which once was the icon of creativity and uniqueness, went down the chutes in my opinion thanks to its Cube versions, and I'm hoping motion-sensing controls can revive the franchise.

4)Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Chronicles
FFCC for Cube was easily the RPG in which I've ever had the most fun in its multiplayer mode. Not only did FFCC have one of the best RPG multiplayer modes of all-time, but its single-player also was very fun and deep as well. Although the story wasn't comparable to some of the great FFs (VII, IX, etc.), it was quality nonetheless. The whole system of battle, abilities, etc. was very well built-in to the game, and I'm hoping for nothing less in the sequel.

3)Super Mario Galaxy
A lot of people were disappointed by Sunshine for some reason; I thought it was a decent game. Obviously, it was not as good as other Mario games, such as Super Mario 64 or Super Mario World, but it wasn't nearly as bad as, say, Luigi's Mansion. Now, when I first saw the gameplay video of Galaxy, I got really excited. It really does look a completely new fame, with fresh ideas scattered all around. It'll be interesting to see how Nintendo pulls it off with such tiny levels (at least the levels seemed tiny in the video from E3).

2)Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
SMG somewhat deserves this #2 spot, but I love the Metroid series, so MP3 gets it. My favorite Metroid game is easiy Super Metroid, and I also enjoyed both Prime games, but at the same time, they were disappointing. Nintendo usually sticks to solid gameplay, before spectacular graphics, but The 2 Prime games on Cube really pushed the Cube's limits (graphically) to the limit. The games looked beautiful, but they weren't as good as Super Metroid in my opinion. Why? Because SM created an amazing atmosphere that I was emerged in - the music, the world's design, etc. On the other hand, MP and MP2 looked great, but they just didn't play the same. Thought those 2 games, I felt the first-person view somewhat ruined the game for me... I guess I'll just enjoy a Metroid game more if it's a sidescroller, and not an FPS.

Anyways, I'm hoping that the Wii's controls for MP3 can give it that more natural feel that I experienced with Super Metroid. Obviously the visuals are jaw-dropping in MP3, and there's a lot of upside for the possibilities for the control scheme. And of course, how could a Metroid game now have an awesome sci-fi storyline!

1)Super Smash Bros. Brawl
SSBB is going to be the must-have game for this generation of videogames. People say LoZ:TP is great, which it is, but it doesn't appeal to everyone. Like past SSB games, Brawl is going to be one of those games that you'll love whether you play it for hours on end, or just play once or twice at your friend's house.

There were 26 playable characters in Melee, and there have already been 3 more confirmed for Brawl (Meta Knight, Pit, Wario, as well as Zero Suit Samus replacing Samus). Hopefully there will be more, but whatever happens happens.

One feature a lot of people are looking forward to is online battling. SSBB will probably use friend codes, so you can play against your friends using FCs, or random people otherwise. Both ways will be fun, I'm sure.

But the reason SSBB is #1 on my list is because there's no other game like it, and the past SSB games have been amazingly fun. I already have DBZT2, a fighting game for Wii which is a lot of fun, but like practically all other fighting games, none come close to SSB's style and level of fun.

Written By: DarthGohan1

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